Who won the Puppy Bowl 2024 and who was the MVP?

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The Puppy Bowl is an annual event that showcases adorable and adoptable puppies from various shelters and rescue groups across the United States. The puppies are divided into two teams, Team Ruff and Team Fluff, and compete in a miniature football stadium for the coveted Lombarky Trophy. The event is aired on Animal Planet and other networks as a fun and furry alternative to the Super Bowl.

The 2024 Puppy Bowl

The 2024 Puppy Bowl was the 20th edition of the event and featured a record 131 puppies from 73 shelters in 36 states. The game was hosted by Dan Schachner, who served as the referee and announcer, and featured celebrity guests such as Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Kristen Bell, and Duff Goldman. The game also included a cat halftime show, a pre-game show with sloths and armadillos, and a tail-gate party with pigs and goats.

The game was a close and exciting one, with both teams scoring touchdowns, field goals, and penalties. Team Ruff, wearing green bandanas, had a strong start and led by 14 points at halftime. Team Fluff, wearing orange bandanas, made a comeback in the second half and took the lead with less than two minutes left. However, Team Ruff scored the final touchdown and field goal in the last seconds of the game and won by a narrow margin of 72-69.

The MVP and other awards

The MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) of the 2024 Puppy Bowl was Moosh, a 15-week-old beagle and Australian cattle dog mix from Team Ruff. Moosh impressed the viewers and the judges with his speed, agility, and cuteness. He scored two touchdowns and one field goal, and also made some great tackles and interceptions. Moosh was adopted by a family from New Jersey after the game.

Other awards given out during the game were:

  • The Underdog Award, which went to Jett, a 12-week-old Chihuahua and miniature pinscher mix from Team Fluff. Jett was the smallest puppy in the game, but he showed a lot of courage and spirit. He scored one touchdown and one field goal, and also made some adorable moves on the field. Jett was adopted by a family from New York after the game.
  • The LomBARKy Award, which went to Frankie, a 16-week-old Chihuahua and poodle mix from Team Ruff. Frankie was the captain of Team Ruff and led his team to victory. He scored one touchdown and one field goal, and also assisted his teammates with some passes and blocks. Frankie was adopted by a family from California after the game.

The impact of the Puppy Bowl

The Puppy Bowl is not only a fun and entertaining event, but also a meaningful one. The event raises awareness and funds for animal welfare and adoption, and encourages people to adopt pets from shelters and rescue groups. According to Animal Planet, all of the puppies featured in the 2024 Puppy Bowl were adopted by loving families after the game. The event also inspired many viewers to donate to animal charities and organizations, such as the ASPCA, the Humane Society, and Best Friends Animal Society.

The Puppy Bowl is a celebration of the joy and love that puppies bring to our lives, and a reminder of the importance of caring for them. The event showcases the diversity and beauty of different breeds and mixes, and the personalities and talents of each puppy. The event also promotes the message of “adopt, don’t shop”, and encourages people to choose adoption as the best option for finding a furry friend.


The 2024 Puppy Bowl was a thrilling and heartwarming event that entertained millions of viewers and helped hundreds of puppies find their forever homes. The event was a success for both Team Ruff and Team Fluff, as well as for the animal welfare cause. The event also crowned a new MVP, Moosh, who stole the show with his amazing performance and adorable face. The Puppy Bowl is a unique and wonderful event that brings happiness and hope to both humans and animals, and we can’t wait for the next one.

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