Is Tess Coady Dating? The Snowboarding Star Private Life

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Tess Coady is a snowboarding sensation who created history by winning a bronze medal in slopestyle at the 2022 Winter Olympics. She has two world championship medals in slopestyle and big air. The 23-year-old Australian has become a household figure in the winter sports world, thanks to her exceptional abilities and engaging attitude. But how about her personal life? Is Tess Coady dating anybody?

Tess Coady’s Dating Status

There is currently no confirmation that Tess Coady, an Australian snowboarder, is dating anyone. Despite her success in winter sports and growing notoriety, Tess has opted to keep the details of her romantic life private.

Tess hasn’t made any public declarations about a boyfriend or partner, but her relationship status intrigues fans. To avoid undue scrutiny, celebrities, particularly those in sports, often keep their personal lives private. Tess Coady’s determination to keep her love relationships private is consistent with her commitment to her sport and desire for a private existence away from the spotlight.

Despite speculation and hearsay, the snowboarder has not revealed any specifics about her dating life. Fans understand Tess’ decision to protect her privacy and continue to support her on and off the icy slopes.

Tess Coady’s Age and Career

Tess Coady is now 23 years old. She was born on November 2, 2000, in Melbourne, Australia, and has quickly gained prominence in the snowboarding world.

Tess Coady, an Australian snowboarder, has had a remarkable career filled with commitment and accomplishment. Tess was born in Melbourne and began snowboarding alongside her siblings on weekends and vacations. She began competing in snowboarding at the age of 14, demonstrating an obvious flair for the sport.

Tess had a setback in her career when she tore her ACL during a practice run at the 2018 Winter Olympics. She returned stronger, though, because of her resilience and tenacity. In 2022, she reached a big milestone by winning a bronze medal in the slopestyle event at the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Her career highlights include a bronze medal in slopestyle at the 2021 FIS Snowboard World Championships, as well as another bronze in big air at the 2023 World Championship.

Tess’ accomplishments demonstrate her dedication and skill in snowboarding, making her a rising celebrity in Australian winter sports.

Tess Coady’s Family and Friends

Tess Coady may not have a romantic partner, but she does have a supportive family and friends who have been there for her throughout her journey. Tess was born to parents Mark and Lisa Coady, who are both avid snowboarders.

She has two older brothers, Tom and Ben, who also share her passion for the sport. Tess credits her family for introducing her to snowboarding and encouraging her to pursue her dreams. Tess also has a close circle of friends, both in and out of the snowboarding community.

She often posts photos and videos of her adventures with her friends on her Instagram account, where she has over 35,000 followers. Tess enjoys traveling, surfing, skating, and listening to music with her friends. Tess Coady’s family and friends are her source of inspiration and happiness, as she once said in an interview: “They are the reason I love snowboarding so much.”


Tess Coady is a snowboarding star who has achieved remarkable feats in her sport. She is also a private person who prefers to keep her dating life under wraps. Tess has not confirmed or denied any rumors about her relationship status, leaving fans to wonder if she is single or taken.

Tess Coady’s personal life is her own business, and she has the right to choose how much she wants to share with the public. What matters most is that Tess is happy and healthy, and that she continues to excel in her sport and inspire others with her talent and personality. Tess Coady is a snowboarding legend and a role model for many young people, regardless of her dating status.

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