Who is Adrian Fontes? An American Politician

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Adrian Fontes is an American politician, election official, veteran, and attorney. He is currently the Secretary of State of Arizona, a position he has held since 2023. He is also the first Democrat to serve as the Maricopa County Recorder in over 50 years. In this article, we will explore his background, career, and achievements.

Early life and education

Fontes was born on April 3, 1970, in Nogales, Arizona. His family has lived in southern Arizona for more than 300 years, even before Arizona became a state. He grew up in a bilingual and bicultural environment, learning both English and Spanish.

Fontes served in the United States Marine Corps from 1992 to 1996 and where he taught a marksmanship course. He was nominated for a meritorious commission for his service. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Communications from Arizona State University in 1998. He then attended the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver and graduated in 2000 with a Juris Doctor degree.

Legal and political career

Fontes began his legal career as a prosecutor with the Denver District Attorney’s Office, where he handled cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. He then moved to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, where he prosecuted gang crimes, drug trafficking, and homicide cases. He later led the International Prosecution Unit at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, where he worked on cases involving human trafficking, money laundering, and terrorism.

Fontes entered politics in 2016, when he ran for Maricopa County Recorder against 28-year incumbent Helen Purcell. He was motivated by the perceived mismanagement of the 2016 presidential preference election, which resulted in long lines, voter suppression, and reduced polling places in the county. He won the election by a narrow margin, becoming the first Democrat to hold the office in over 50 years.

As the Maricopa County Recorder, Fontes revolutionized the election system by ensuring that every eligible voter had access to vote. He enhanced ballot tracking technology, increased process transparency, and improved voter education and outreach. He also faced challenges and controversies, such as lawsuits, cyberattacks, and false accusations of voter fraud. He ran for re-election in 2020, but lost by less than 5,000 votes to Republican candidate Stephen Richer.

In 2022, Fontes ran for Secretary of State of Arizona, the second-highest office in the state and the chief election official. He defeated Republican nominee Mark Finchem, a former state representative and a supporter of former President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud. Fontes became the first Democrat to serve as the Secretary of State of Arizona since 1995.

As the Secretary of State, Fontes is committed to preserving integrity in the elections and making voting easier for registered voters, and ensuring that Arizona’s business community has a non-partisan partner in the office. He is also responsible for overseeing the state library, archives, and public records.

Personal life and interests

Fontes is the father of three daughters, who he raises with his ex-wife. He is fluent in both English and Spanish. He is a fan of comic books, science fiction, and Star Wars. He also enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling.


Adrian Fontes is a prominent figure in Arizona politics, who has made history as the first Democrat to serve as the Maricopa County Recorder and the Secretary of State of Arizona in decades.

He has a diverse and impressive background as a veteran and a lawyer, and a public servant. He has also faced many challenges and controversies in his career, but has remained steadfast in his mission to protect and expand the right to vote. He is a leader who strives to serve the people of Arizona with integrity, transparency, and innovation.

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