Who is Vittorio Assaf’s Wife ?

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Vittorio Assaf was married to Charlotte Bonstrom, a former model, for over 20 years. They have two children together.

Vittorio Assaf is a well-known restaurateur, famous for co-founding the Serafina Restaurant Group. His personal life has garnered media attention, particularly regarding his relationships.

Early Life and Career

Assaf’s journey from Italy to becoming a prominent figure in New York’s culinary scene is marked by his passion for food and entrepreneurship.

Marriage to Charlotte Bonstrom

Assaf was married to Charlotte Bonstrom, a Swedish-born former model, for over two decades. The couple had two children together and were a well-known pair in New York’s social circles.

Divorce and Subsequent Relationships

The marriage ended amidst a high-profile split, where Charlotte left Assaf for her twin sister’s husband. Following the divorce, Assaf’s personal life continued to be a subject of public interest.

Current Relationship Status

As of the latest reports, Assaf has been linked with Aoki Lee Simmons, a model and Harvard graduate. Their relationship began after meeting in St. Barths.


Assaf is known for his luxurious lifestyle, often seen vacationing in places like St. Barths and living in an opulent Upper East Side abode.


Born on November 29, 1958, Vittorio Assaf is currently 65 years old.


He was awarded a degree in Political Science and studied Law at the University of Urbino.


Assaf co-founded the Serafina Restaurant Group, which has become a global brand. He also spent eight years on the floor of Milan’s Stock Exchange before entering the fashion industry.

List of Achievements

Assaf’s most notable achievement is the establishment of the Serafina Restaurant Group, which has locations worldwide.

List of Challenges

Assaf faced personal challenges, including a divorce and the complexities of his social life, which became public interest.

Social Media Activity

He has been involved in a high-profile relationship with model Aoki Lee Simmons, which has attracted media attention.


Assaf has two children, Valentina and Vittorio Jr., from his marriage with Charlotte Bonstrom.

Social Life

His social life has been under scrutiny, especially after his recent romantic involvements post-divorce.

Parents and Relationship Status

Details about Assaf’s parents are not widely publicized. As for his relationship status, after his divorce, he has been linked with Aoki Lee Simmons.


Vittorio Assaf’s life is a blend of professional success and personal trials. His journey reflects the complexities of balancing a public image with private life challenges.

Vittorio Assaf’s personal life, especially his relationships, has been as dynamic as his career. Despite the ups and downs, he remains a significant figure in the restaurant industry.

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