Tiffany Henyard Arrested?

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Recent events have brought Tiffany Henyard, the Mayor of Dolton, Illinois, into the spotlight amid allegations and rumors of her arrest.


Tiffany Henyard has been a figure of controversy, facing accusations of corruption and misuse of taxpayer funds. These allegations have led to calls for a federal investigation into her activities as mayor.

Background Henyard has been a lifelong resident of Dolton and started her political career by working on the “Put Illinois to Work” initiative in 2011.

Allegations and Investigations

The most recent allegations against Henyard involve claims of trying to silence a sexual assault accuser. A state investigation by the Illinois Department of Human Rights is currently underway, examining complaints filed against Henyard and the Village of Dolton’s office.

The Case of Andrew Holmes

In a related but separate incident, Trustee Andrew Holmes of Dolton was reported to have been arrested by federal authorities, which was later clarified as not being the case. This has added to the confusion and speculation surrounding the village’s administration.

Public Reaction and Speculation

The situation has led to widespread speculation and rumors, including claims that Henyard has been arrested. However, as of the latest information, there is no official confirmation of Henyard being incarcerated.

Arrest and Legal Challenges

Tiffany Henyard, known for her role as the mayor of Dolton, Illinois, has faced legal challenges, including allegations of trying to silence a sexual assault accuser. There have been calls for her resignation amid these allegations and a state investigation.

Lifestyle and Public Perception

Henyard’s lifestyle has been a topic of discussion, with reports suggesting she lived a lavish life compared to the median income of her constituents. Her tenure has been compared to a sitcom due to her alleged antics.


Born in either 1983 or 1984, Tiffany Henyard is around 39-40 years old.


She graduated from Thornridge High School and earned a degree in business administration from Robert Morris University Illinois.


As the mayor of Dolton and Thornton Township supervisor, Henyard has been involved in various community activities. However, her tenure has been marred by controversies.


Henyard’s term has been fraught with accusations of financial mismanagement, corruption, and other misconduct.

Social Media Activity

She has used social media to engage with constituents and share updates on her initiatives.

Family and Personal Life

Henyard is a mother and has been reported to be married to Dwayne Henyard, with whom she has two children.

Social Life

Her social life as a public figure includes engaging with the community and attending events.


In conclusion, while Tiffany Henyard faces serious allegations and an ongoing investigation, rumors of her arrest remain unconfirmed. It is crucial to distinguish between allegations, investigations, and verified facts in such high-profile cases.

Tiffany Henyard’s career has been a blend of public service and controversy. While she has faced significant challenges, her impact on the community of Dolton remains a topic of discussion.

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