Is William Reece Still Alive: A Brief Overview

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Is William Reece Still Alive? As of the latest information available, William Lewis Reece was sentenced to death in Oklahoma in 2021.

A History of Violence

William Lewis Reece, born on July 1, 1959, is a convicted serial killer, rapist, and kidnapper. His criminal activities spanned the late 1990s, during which he committed a series of heinous crimes that led to his incarceration.

The Texas Killing Fields

Reece is infamously linked to the “Texas Killing Fields,” a desolate area where the bodies of several murder victims were discovered. He was convicted of multiple murders after DNA evidence linked him to the cold case murder of 19-year-old Tiffany Johnston in 1997.

Confessions and Convictions

In a bid to avoid the death penalty, Reece cooperated with authorities, leading them to the bodies of Jessica Cain and Kelli Cox, who had been missing since 1997. He also confessed to the kidnapping and murder of 12-year-old Laura Smither.

Current Status

As of the latest reports, William Reece is serving a death sentence in Oklahoma and has received life imprisonment sentences for the murders associated with the Texas Killing Fields. He is currently incarcerated at the Allan B. Polunsky Unit in Texas.


William Reece’s lifestyle, as reported, was marked by criminal activities and imprisonment. He was a convicted serial killer and kidnapper.


Born on July 1, 1959, William Reece would be 64 years old as of the last update.


Reece’s education was limited as he was forced to quit school after the ninth grade due to financial issues within his family.


Reece spent his youth in Oklahoma and had a troubled life that led him down a path of crime.

List of Achievements

William Reece does not have public achievements in the traditional sense; his notoriety comes from his criminal convictions.

List of Challenges

Reece faced numerous legal challenges, including convictions for murder and kidnapping, which ultimately led to a death sentence.

Social Media Activity

There is no available information on William Reece’s social media activity, likely due to his incarceration.


Reece was married and divorced twice and had children from his marriages.

Social Life

His social life is not well-documented, but it is known that he had a history of violence and criminal behavior.


Details about Reece’s parents are limited, but financial difficulties during his childhood are noted.

Relationship Status

Reece’s relationship status following his convictions is not publicly known.


William Reece’s life story is a cautionary tale of how a person can become entangled in a cycle of crime and violence. His case has been a subject of legal proceedings and media coverage, reflecting the tragic outcomes of his actions. For those interested in criminal psychology or the justice system, Reece’s story might serve as a subject of study.

The story of William Reece is a chilling reminder of the reality of serial crimes and the lasting impact they have on families and communities. While Reece remains behind bars, the memories of his crimes continue to haunt those affected.

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