Is Scotty Kilmer Still Alive in 2024? The Truth Behind the Rumors

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Scotty Kilmer, the popular YouTuber, author, and auto mechanic, is still alive and well in 2024. He is currently working on his new book, The Truth About Cars, and uploading videos on his YouTube channel, Scotty Kilmer, which has over 7 million subscribers and over 3 billion views. He is also active on his website,, where he answers questions and gives advice to car owners and enthusiasts.

Kilmer is widely known for his honest, humorous, and informative car reviews, tips, and tricks, as well as his outspoken opinions on the automotive industry. He is also a former Emmy Award-winning TV host and a master mechanic with over 50 years of experience.

Kilmer’s Early Life and Education

Kilmer was born on October 2, 1953, in Niagara Falls, New York. He learned to be a mechanic from his grandfather, who was the chief mechanic at the Texaco gas station owned by Kilmer’s father.

He started working on cars at the age of 14, and developed a passion for fixing and improving vehicles. He graduated from high school at the age of 16, and enrolled at York University in Canada, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a bachelor’s degree in African and African-American studies.

He then attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he obtained a master’s degree in anthropology. He was planning to pursue a Ph.D., but he quit due to his dissatisfaction with the academic system. He moved to Houston, Texas, in 1980, and became a full-time mechanic.

Kilmer’s Career and Achievements

Kilmer started his career as a mechanic in Houston, where he gained a reputation for his skill, honesty, and affordability. He also wrote a book, Everyone’s Guide to Buying a Used Car and Car Maintenance, which was published in 1994.

The book caught the attention of the Houston Chronicle, which featured Kilmer on its front page. This led to Kilmer being offered a TV show on the local CBS affiliate, KHOU, called Crank It Up with Scotty. The show ran for 11 years, from 1994 to 2005, and won Kilmer a Regional Emmy Award for Best Interactive Car Talk Host in 2004.

Kilmer also started his YouTube channel in 2007, where he uploaded videos of his car repair and review segments from his TV show. He soon gained a large and loyal fan base, who appreciated his straightforward and entertaining style.

He also expanded his content to include more topics, such as car comparisons, product tests, DIY tutorials, and Q&A sessions. He also collaborated with other YouTubers, such as ChrisFix, Doug DeMuro, and Engineering Explained. As of 2024, his YouTube channel has over 7 million subscribers and over 3 billion views, making him one of the most successful and influential car YouTubers in the world.

Kilmer also launched his website,, in 2019, where he offers more services and features to his fans. The website allows users to ask Kilmer questions, get personalized advice, access exclusive videos and articles, and join a community of car enthusiasts.

Kilmer also announced that he is working on his new book, The Truth About Cars, which will be released in 2025. The book will cover his insights and opinions on the current and future state of the car industry, as well as his tips and tricks for car owners and buyers.

Kilmer’s Personal Life and Controversies

Kilmer is married to Leslie Kilmer, who is a nurse and a former model. They have two sons, Riley and Wyeth. Riley is a musician and a producer, who often helps Kilmer with his videos and music. Wyeth is a former soldier, who served in the U.S. Army with the 82nd Airborne Division and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Kilmer is also a fan of Star Trek, and has a collection of memorabilia and merchandise from the franchise.

Kilmer is also known for his controversial and outspoken views on various car brands, models, and trends. He has been criticized by some car manufacturers, dealers, and fans for his negative and biased reviews, as well as his use of hyperbole and exaggeration.

He has also been accused of being sponsored or paid by certain companies or products, which he denies. He has also been involved in some legal disputes and lawsuits with some of his critics and rivals, such as Scotty’s Garage and Scotty’s Car Care. Kilmer maintains that he is always honest and independent, and that he only speaks his mind and tells the truth.


Scotty Kilmer is not dead, but alive and thriving in 2024. He is a successful and influential YouTuber, author, and mechanic, who has a loyal and passionate fan base.

He is also a former TV host and an Emmy Award winner, who has over 50 years of experience in the car industry. He is a legend and a role model for many car enthusiasts, who admire his knowledge, skill, humor, and honesty. He is one of the most iconic and iconic figures in the history of car culture, and a symbol of fun and freedom.

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