Are Jaiden and Alpha Dating? Truth Behind Dating Speculations!

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Jaiden Animations and Alpharad are two popular YouTubers who have collaborated on various projects and videos. They are also known to be good friends and roommates, living together in a $5 million house in LA. But are they more than just friends? Are they secretly dating or even married? This article will explore the truth behind the dating speculations and rumors surrounding Jaiden and Alpha.

Who are Jaiden and Alpha?

Jaiden Animations is a 26-year-old animator and content creator who makes humorous and relatable videos about her life, experiences, and interests. She has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and is one of the most successful animators on the platform. She is also a voice actor, musician, and gamer, and has appeared in several other YouTube shows and projects, such as YouTube Rewind, Scribble Showdown, and Meta Runner.

Alpharad is a 28-year-old gamer and content creator who makes videos about various video games, especially Nintendo titles such as Super Smash Bros, Mario, and Pokemon. He has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and is one of the most influential gaming personalities on the platform. He is also a streamer, commentator, and musician, and has collaborated with many other YouTubers and celebrities, such as Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Ninja.

How did they meet and become friends?

Jaiden and Alpha met through their mutual friend and fellow YouTuber, TheOdd1sOut, who introduced them to each other in 2017. They quickly became friends and started working together on various projects and videos, such as the YouTube Rewind 2018 and 2019, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light series, and the Blindfolded Mario challenge. They also appeared on each other’s streams and channels frequently, and supported each other’s work and endeavors.

Why do people think they are dating?

Online rumors about Jaiden and Alpha dating mainly started because fans misunderstood their close friendship and chemistry. Even though Jaiden and Alpha have repeatedly said they are not dating, some fans still think they are because they misinterpret their friendly interactions and jokes as romantic hints and gestures. Some of the reasons why fans think they are dating are:

  • They live together in a big house in LA, which some fans assume is a sign of a serious relationship.
  • They have matching tattoos of a heart and a star on their wrists, which some fans think are symbols of their love for each other.
  • They have similar interests and hobbies, such as gaming, music, and animation, which some fans think make them compatible and perfect for each other.
  • They have a lot of fun and laughter together, which some fans think show their attraction and affection for each other.

What is the truth behind their relationship?

The truth behind Jaiden and Alpha’s relationship is that they are not dating, nor are they married. They are just good friends and roommates who enjoy each other’s company and respect each other’s boundaries. They have clarified this multiple times on their social media and streams, and have asked fans to stop spreading false rumors and assumptions about their personal lives. Some of the facts that prove they are not dating are:

  • Jaiden is asexual and aromantic, which means she does not experience sexual or romantic attraction to anyone. She has openly talked about her identity and struggles on her channel, and has stated that she is happy being single and independent.
  • Alpha is married to Fiorella Zoll, a photographer and artist who he met in college and married in 2018. They have a healthy and loving relationship, and often post pictures and videos of each other on their Instagram accounts.
  • Jaiden and Alpha have different rooms in their house, and do not share any intimate or personal space. They also have their own separate lives and careers, and do not interfere with each other’s decisions or plans.


Jaiden and Alpha are not dating, and there is no evidence or reason to believe otherwise. They are simply good friends and roommates who have a lot of things in common and support each other’s goals and dreams.

They have a platonic and professional relationship, and do not have any romantic feelings or intentions for each other. Fans should respect their privacy and choices, and appreciate their content and collaborations without making false or harmful speculations. Jaiden and Alpha are happy with their friendship, and so should we.

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