Amber Ruffin’s Divorce: A Personal Revelation

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Amber Ruffin, a well-known figure in NBC’s late-night programming, surprised her audience with the news of her divorce. The revelation came in an unexpected manner when she joked about it on April Fools’ Day during an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” However, the joke turned out to be a reality.

The Marriage and Its Unraveling

Amber Ruffin was married to Jan Schiltmeijer for 13 years before their divorce was finalized on December 5, 2023, in the Rockland County Supreme Court in New York. The couple had met in a rather serendipitous manner in New York while both were connected to Amsterdam – Amber through her performance with Boom Chicago and Jan through a vacation.

Life After Divorce

Since the announcement, Amber Ruffin has continued to make strides in her professional life. She wrote the book for the new production of “The Wiz,” which is set to open on Broadway, and hosts a podcast with her sister Lacey. Despite the personal upheaval, Ruffin has maintained a strong presence in the public eye.

Amber Ruffin’s Divorce

Amber Ruffin, known for her work on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and “The Amber Ruffin Show,” recently experienced a significant change in her personal life with the finalization of her divorce from Jan Schiltmeijer on December 5, 2023.


Ruffin has always been private about her personal life. She has not shared much about her lifestyle post-divorce, but she continues to be active professionally.


Born on January 9, 1979, Amber Ruffin is currently 45 years old.


Ruffin graduated from Benson High School in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1996.


Ruffin began her career in local theater productions in Omaha before moving to Chicago and later Amsterdam to work with the improv comedy troupe Boom Chicago.


Ruffin has made history as the first Black woman to write for a late-night network talk show in the United States. She has also co-authored books with her sister Lacey Lamar, which have made the New York Times Best Seller list.


Ruffin has been open about the challenges she faced as a Black woman in the entertainment industry, particularly in the late-night TV space.

Social Media Activity

Ruffin uses social media to connect with fans and share her thoughts and observations.


Ruffin is the youngest of five children. Her parents are Air Force veterans who ran a daycare center.

Social Life

While not much is known about Ruffin’s social life post-divorce, she has a strong bond with her family and continues to engage with her audience through her work and social media5.


Amber was born to Theresa and Lamar, both Air Force veterans.

Relationship Status

Following her divorce, Ruffin’s current relationship status is not publicly known.

Conclusion: Moving Forward with Humor and Grace

Amber Ruffin’s handling of her divorce showcases her ability to address personal matters with a blend of humor and dignity. Her experience underscores the complexities of personal relationships and the resilience required to navigate life changes. As she continues to entertain and inspire, her personal journey remains a testament to her strength and versatility.

Amber Ruffin’s journey is one of resilience and trailblazing in the face of personal and professional challenges. Her ability to address serious topics with humor and grace continues to resonate with audiences, making her a beloved figure in comedy and beyond.

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