Who is Steve Garvey Married to: From Cyndy to Candace

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Steve Garvey, a former MLB star and a current candidate for the U.S. Senate from California, has been married twice in his life. His first wife was Cyndy Garvey, a former TV host and author, and his second and current wife is Candace Garvey, a former actress and model. Here is a detailed look at Steve Garvey’s married life and his relationships with his two wives.

Steve and Cyndy Garvey: A High School Sweetheart Story Gone Sour

Steve Garvey met Cyndy Truhan when they were both students at Chamberlain High School in Tampa, Florida. They started dating in 1965 and got married in 1971, after Steve graduated from Michigan State University and joined the Los Angeles Dodgers. Cyndy also pursued a career in broadcasting and became a co-host of several TV shows, including The Morning Show and AM Los Angeles.

The couple had two children together: Krisha, born in 1976, and Whitney, born in 1980. They seemed to have a perfect marriage, as they were both successful and popular in their respective fields. However, things took a turn for the worse in the early 1980s, when Steve’s infidelity and Cyndy’s depression came to light.

In 1983, Steve admitted that he had fathered a son, Ryan, with a former Dodgers employee named Rebecka Mendenhall. He also confessed that he had another son, Slade, with a woman named Cynthia Bruno, whom he met at a charity event in 1982. Cyndy filed for divorce in 1983, but the process took four years to finalize, as they battled over custody, alimony, and property.

Cyndy later wrote a book titled The Secret Life of Cyndy Garvey, in which she revealed that Steve had cheated on her with numerous women, including singer Marie Osmond and actress Victoria Principal. She also claimed that Steve was abusive and controlling, and that he forced her to have an abortion in 1974. Steve denied these allegations and sued Cyndy for defamation, but the case was dismissed in 1990.

Steve and Candace Garvey: A Second Chance at Love and Happiness

Steve Garvey met Candace Thomas in 1988, when he was playing for the San Diego Padres and she was working as a model and actress. Candace had previously been married to Mark Thomas, a real estate developer, and had a son named Sean. Steve and Candace got engaged in January 1989 and got married on February 18, 1989, in a lavish ceremony at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

The couple had three children together: Olivia, born in 1990, Ryan, born in 1992, and Garret, born in 1997. Candace also became a stepmother to Steve’s four other children from his previous relationships. Candace supported Steve’s career as a baseball player, broadcaster, and businessman, and also appeared in some TV shows, such as Home & Family and E! True Hollywood Story.

In October 2023, Steve announced his candidacy as a Republican for the U.S. Senate from California in 2024. Candace expressed her full support for her husband’s political aspirations and said that she was proud of him for standing up for the people of California. She also said that she was ready to take on the role of a senator’s wife and help him change the culture of Washington.


Steve Garvey has had a remarkable life, both on and off the field. He has been married twice, and both of his marriages have been in the public eye. His first marriage to Cyndy Garvey ended in a bitter divorce, after he fathered two children out of wedlock and faced accusations of adultery and abuse.

His second marriage to Candace Garvey has been more stable and harmonious, as they have raised a blended family of seven children and supported each other’s careers and endeavors. Steve Garvey’s married life shows that love is not always easy, but it can be rewarding.

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