Who is Jalen Green dating: Romantic Endeavors

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Jalen Green, the Houston Rockets guard, has been the subject of much media attention not just for his on-court performances but also for his off-court life. Recently, the spotlight has turned to his personal life and the news of his relationship with Draya Michele.

The Relationship

Draya Michele, a model and reality star known for her appearance on “Basketball Wives,” has been linked with Jalen Green. Despite the age difference, with both Michele’s son and Green being 22 years old, their relationship has been a talking point in the media.

A New Beginning

The couple has recently announced that they are expecting a baby together. This news comes amid various reactions from the public and discussions about the dynamics of their relationship.

Public Reaction

The announcement has sparked conversations about age and relationships, with some labeling Michele a ‘predator’ due to the age gap between her and Green. However, others have shown support for the couple’s right to privacy and their personal choices.


Jalen Green’s relationship with Draya Michele and the news of their upcoming child have certainly captured public interest. While their relationship defies conventional age norms, it highlights the diverse forms of modern relationships. As they prepare for parenthood, the couple’s journey will undoubtedly continue to be a subject of public fascination. Ultimately, the essence of their story is a personal one, rooted in the shared experience of bringing new life into the world and the love that surrounds it.

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