Who is Alanis Morissette Husband?

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Alanis Morissette is a singer-songwriter who is known for her hit songs such as “You Oughta Know”, “Ironic”, and “Thank U”. She is married to Mario Treadway, also known as Souleye, who is a rapper and producer. They have been married since 2010 and have three children together.

Early Life and Career

Mario Treadway was born on May 3, 1980, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. He grew up in a musical family and developed a passion for rap and hip-hop at an early age. He started writing and recording his own songs when he was 13, and performed at local venues and events. He adopted the stage name Souleye, which means “source of light” in French.

He moved to Los Angeles in 2005, where he met and collaborated with various artists and producers, such as Bassnectar, BLVD, and Michael Franti. He released his debut album, Soul Sessions, in 2006, followed by several other albums and singles, such as Balance in Babylon, Shapeshifting, and Wildman. He is known for his positive and uplifting lyrics, which blend spirituality, social awareness, and personal growth.

Relationship and Family

Souleye met Alanis Morissette in 2009, at a meditation gathering in Los Angeles. They started dating shortly after, and moved in together in 2010. They got married in a private ceremony at their home on May 22, 2010, which was also Alanis’ birthday. They did not announce their wedding until June, when Alanis posted a photo of them on Twitter with the caption, “So happy to share with you that my man Souleye and I got married. We’re very excited to embark on this journey with each other”.

They have three children together: a son, Ever Imre, born in 2010, a daughter, Onyx Solace, born in 2016, and another son, Winter Mercy, born in 2019. They often share photos and videos of their family on social media, and express their love and gratitude for each other. They also collaborate on music, such as the song “Snow Angel”, which features Alanis’ vocals and Souleye’s rap.


To sum up, Alanis Morissette’s husband is Mario Treadway, aka Souleye, who is a rapper and producer. They have been married since 2010 and have three children together. They are a happy and harmonious couple, who support and inspire each other in their personal and professional lives. They are also involved in various charitable and environmental causes, such as the David Lynch Foundation, the Environmental Media Association, and the Malibu Foundation.

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