Stephanie Izard Husband: Culinary Trailblazer and Family Woman

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Stephanie Izard, born in Evanston, Illinois, has become a culinary sensation. Her journey began with a degree in sociology from the University of Michigan, followed by a culinary arts degree from the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Scottsdale.

Culinary Ventures and Achievements

At 27, Izard opened her first restaurant, Scylla, and later, the acclaimed Girl and the Goat. She’s a James Beard Award winner and the first female chef to win Bravo’s Top Chef.

Stephanie Izard and Gary Valentine, Culinary Love Story

Stephanie Izard, the acclaimed chef and first female winner of Bravo’s “Top Chef,” is married to Gary Valentine, a craft beer consultant. The couple tied the knot on October 6, 2013, in a ceremony that celebrated their shared love for food and craft beer.

A Wedding to Remember

Their wedding, held in Chicago, was a culinary delight. The menu featured a phenomenal pasta course and a family-style spread of red wine braised beef short ribs and roasted black cod, among other delectable dishes. The event was a testament to their passion for the culinary arts, with guests raving about the food.

Professional Pursuits

Stephanie Izard is known for her Chicago restaurants, including Girl and the Goat, Little Goat Diner, and Duck Duck Goat. Her husband’s expertise in craft beer complements her culinary ventures, making them a formidable pair in the hospitality industry.

Personal Life and Family

The couple resides in Chicago with their son, Ernie, born in 2016. They balance their professional lives with their roles as parents, creating a nurturing environment for their family.

Personal Sphere

Family Ties

Stephanie is married to Gary Valentine, a craft beer consultant. They have a son, Ernie, and a dog, Burt, who even has his own Twitter account.


Izard’s lifestyle is a blend of her culinary passion and family life. She resides in Los Angeles, balancing her professional endeavors with her role as a mother.

Overcoming Obstacles

Despite her success, Izard has faced challenges, including the pressures of maintaining high standards in the competitive culinary world and balancing work with family life.

Digital Footprint

Izard’s social media activity reflects her vibrant personality and offers insights into her culinary creations and family moments.


Stephanie Izard’s story is one of passion, dedication, and balance. Her influence extends beyond the kitchen, inspiring many with her culinary genius and commitment to family.

Stephanie Izard and Gary Valentine’s relationship is a beautiful blend of personal and professional harmony. Their shared interests and mutual support have not only contributed to their successful marriage but also to their individual successes in their respective fields.

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