Sage Steele Divorce: A Profile Beyond the Screen

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Sage Steele, a prominent ESPN anchor, and her husband Jonathan Bailey decided to end their marriage after two decades together. The couple, who share three children, have managed to maintain a cordial relationship post-divorce.

Divorce and Personal Growth Sage Steele, the renowned ESPN anchor, experienced a significant personal change with her divorce from Jonathan Bailey in 2019. The couple, who had been married since 1999, share three children. Despite the challenges of public life, they have maintained a respectful relationship post-divorce.

Relationship Status and Moving Forward

Currently, Steele is likely single and focusing on her career and family. She continues to be a respected figure in sports journalism.

Lifestyle and Professional Balance

Steele’s lifestyle has been a blend of her demanding career and her role as a mother. Her ex-husband, Jonathan, took on the role of a stay-at-home dad, supporting Steele’s career and their family’s needs.

Background and Heritage

Steele was born into a diverse family, with an African-American father and an Irish-Italian mother. Her father, Gary Steele, is noted for being the first African-American to play varsity football at West Point.

Steele was born in Panama and has had a successful career as a writer, journalist, and producer. She married Jonathan Bailey in 1999, and the couple enjoyed many happy memories during their marriage.

Marriage and Family

Steele and Bailey’s marriage resulted in three children. They first met in college and developed a relationship that led to marriage. Despite Steele’s public persona, she preferred to keep her personal life private.

Career and Personal Life

Steele has worked on various platforms, including “USA Today: Sports,” “SportsCenter,” and “The View.” Her career has been marked by her dedication to journalism and sports reporting.

Age and Experience Born on November 28, 1972, Steele is currently 51 years old. Her age reflects her extensive experience in sports broadcasting and her maturity in handling both her professional and personal life.

Education and Foundation Steele’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in sports communication from Indiana University Bloomington, which she obtained in 1995.

Social Media Activity and Presence Steele is active on social media, sharing insights into her professional life and personal opinions on current sports events.

Social Life and Connections Her social life, as glimpsed through social media, shows a woman who values family time, engages with her audience, and maintains connections within the sports community.

Parents and Role Models Her parents have played a significant role in her life, with her father’s achievements in sports and her mother’s support being instrumental in her success.

The Divorce

In 2019, Steele and Bailey finalized their divorce. The reasons for their separation remain private, with few details known to the public. Despite the divorce, they have shown mutual respect and maintained a friendly relationship.

Post-Divorce Life

Steele has continued her role at ESPN and remains a respected figure in sports journalism. She has not publicly discussed her romantic life post-divorce, indicating a preference for privacy.

Achievements and Milestones

Throughout her career, Steele has hosted “NBA Countdown” and covered numerous NBA Finals. She’s also co-hosted the Miss America pageant and has been a mainstay on ESPN’s “SportsCenter”.

Challenges and Resilience

Steele faced challenges when she left ESPN after settling a lawsuit regarding her First Amendment rights. She had been vocal about her views on various social issues, which led to a legal battle.

Family and Support System

Steele’s family includes her parents, Gary and Mona, and her brothers, Courtney and Chad. Her family has been a source of strength and inspiration throughout her life.


The divorce of Sage Steele and Jonathan Bailey is a private matter that they have handled with dignity and respect. Their commitment to co-parenting and maintaining a friendly relationship sets a positive example for couples going through similar situations.

Sage Steele’s journey is one of resilience, adaptability, and continuous growth. Her story is not just about her achievements in front of the camera but also about her strength behind the scenes. As she moves forward, Steele remains a prominent voice in sports broadcasting, a dedicated mother, and an inspiration to many.

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