Ricky Starks’ Injury Scare: A Close Call

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During the AEW Collision event on March 30, 2024, Ricky Starks experienced a concerning moment in the ring. Competing in the semi-finals of the tag tournament, Starks seemed to have sustained an injury following a pelé kick from his opponent. The match was hastily concluded, leaving fans and fellow wrestlers worried about his condition, especially given his history of neck injuries.

Previous Injuries

Starks has previously dealt with severe neck issues. In 2021, he fractured his neck during a match, which was a harrowing experience for him, as he recounted feeling so close to paralysis. This past injury made the recent incident at AEW Collision even more alarming for everyone involved.

Health Update

Fortunately, Starks provided an update, assuring fans that he was okay and that the incident was just a stinger. He emphasized that he was being “precautious” about his neck, which is understandable considering his past injury.

The Aftermath

The wrestling community breathed a collective sigh of relief following Starks’ update. His proactive approach to his health and well-being was praised, as it demonstrated a keen awareness of the risks associated with professional wrestling.

Injury Update

Ricky Starks recently gave fans a scare with a potential injury during an AEW Collision event. Fortunately, he confirmed on social media that he was all good after being checked out12.


Starks is known for his flamboyant and flashy style, both in and out of the ring. His dedication to wrestling is evident in his rigorous training and performance schedule.

Age Born on February 21, 1990, Ricky Starks is currently 34 years old.

Education and Background Details about Starks’ education are not widely publicized, but he has been a professional wrestler since 2012, making his debut in NWA’s Velocity Pro Wrestling.

List of Achievements

Starks has a notable list of achievements, including being a former one-time AEW World Tag Team Champion and a former one-time FTW Champion. He was also the inaugural winner of the revived NWA World Television Championship.

List of Challenges Throughout his career, Starks has faced numerous challenges, including stiff competition in the ring and the physical demands of professional wrestling.

Social Media Activity Starks is active on social media, often engaging with fans and sharing updates about his career and personal life18910.


While not much is known about his family, Starks has hinted at having a brother and sister. However, their identities remain undisclosed.

Social Life Starks maintains a positive relationship with fans and fellow wrestlers, often seen interacting with them at events and on social media.

Parents Details about Ricky Starks’ parents are not publicly available, and he has kept his family life private.

Relationship Status As of the latest information, Ricky Starks is not currently dating anyone.


Ricky Starks continues to captivate audiences with his charisma and wrestling prowess. Despite the challenges and risks associated with professional wrestling, he remains a beloved figure in the sport, with a promising future ahead.

Ricky Starks’ recent injury scare serves as a reminder of the physical toll that professional wrestling takes on its athletes. It also highlights the importance of health and safety in the sport. Starks’ quick response and transparency provided reassurance to his fans and underscored the resilience of the wrestling spirit.

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