Mormon Mom Arrested: The Arrest of a Mormon Mom Influencer

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Taylor Frankie Paul, a well-known Mormon MomTok influencer, was arrested on charges of assault, criminal mischief, and domestic violence in the presence of a child. This followed her viral revelation last year about her “soft-swinging” experiences.

The article would open with a brief introduction to the incident, highlighting the arrest of Spring Thibaudeau, a Mormon mother who took her 16-year-old son to Alaska from Arizona under the belief that he was ‘chosen by God in the Second Coming of Christ’.

Background Information

This section would delve into the details of the family’s religious beliefs and the events leading up to the arrest. It would discuss Spring Thibaudeau’s history and her brother Brook Hale’s involvement.

The Arrest

Here, the article would describe the circumstances of the arrest at the Alcan Port of Entry in Alaska, including the charges of custodial interference against Spring Thibaudeau and conspiracy to commit custodial interference against Brook Hale.

Legal Proceedings

The focus would shift to the legal ramifications, detailing the extradition warrants from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in Arizona and the potential legal outcomes.

Family Impact

An exploration of the impact on the Thibaudeau family, particularly the children involved, would be covered in this part of the article.

Religious Extremism and Mental Health

The article would discuss the broader issues of religious extremism and mental health, referencing similar cases and expert opinions on the matter.

Lifestyle and Background

Paul gained popularity on TikTok, with a following of 4 million, for her content that often featured her family and lifestyle as part of the Mormon mom community on the platform.

Age and Education

At the time of her arrest, Taylor Frankie Paul was 28 years old. Details about her education have not been disclosed in the available sources.

Achievements and Challenges

Paul’s achievements include building a significant following on social media and becoming a prominent figure among MomTok creators. Her challenges have been public, including her divorce, mental health struggles, and the fallout from her lifestyle revelations.

Social Media Activity

Paul has been candid on social media about her life changes, including her divorce and mental health issues, engaging her audience with her authenticity.

Family and Social Life

The influencer’s family life became a subject of public discussion following her divorce and the subsequent changes in her personal life.

Relationship Status

Following her divorce, Paul has been open about her relationships, including a pregnancy loss with her boyfriend last year.


The story of Taylor Frankie Paul is a complex tapestry of personal triumphs and tribulations, played out in the public eye. Her arrest brings to light the often unseen struggles that can exist behind a curated social media presence.

The conclusion would summarize the key points of the article, reflect on the societal implications of the incident, and consider the future of the individuals involved.

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