Jihyo Dating Rumor: TWICE Jihyo Caught in a Whirlwind of Romance Rumors

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Jihyo’s Dating Rumor Recent reports suggest that Jihyo, a member of the K-pop girl group TWICE, is rumored to be dating Olympic skeleton gold medalist and TV personality Yun Sung-bin. The two were reportedly introduced by an acquaintance and share a mutual love of sports.

The world of K-pop is no stranger to the whirlwind of dating rumors that can sweep up fans and media alike in a frenzy of speculation and excitement. The latest idol to find herself at the center of such rumors is none other than TWICE’s beloved leader, Jihyo.

The Rumor Mill Churns

Recent reports have linked Jihyo with former national skeleton athlete Yoon Sung-bin, with claims that the two have been dating for over a year. These rumors were sparked by a photo that surfaced online, leading to widespread speculation.

Agencies’ Response

Both JYP Entertainment and Yoon Sung-bin’s agency have been quick to respond, albeit with statements that neither confirm nor deny the rumors, citing the personal nature of the matter.

Public Reaction

The news has certainly caught the attention of the public, with netizens and fans alike voicing their opinions on social media platforms. The reactions range from supportive to speculative, highlighting the intense scrutiny that idols’ personal lives are under.


Jihyo is known for her disciplined lifestyle, which includes regular gym visits and a passion for music and performing. She often shares insights into her life through various media appearances2.

Age Born on February 1, 1997, Jihyo is currently 27 years old.

Education Jihyo attended several schools, including Baekmun Elementary School, Sootaek Elementary School, Guri Girls’ High School, Guri Girls’ Middle School, and Chungdam High School.


Jihyo, born Park Ji-soo, joined JYP Entertainment at the age of eight and trained for ten years before debuting with TWICE in 2015. She has since become the group’s leader and main vocalist.

List of Achievements

As the leader of TWICE, Jihyo has achieved numerous accolades, including chart-topping albums and singles. She made her solo debut with the mini-album “ZONE” in 2023.

List of Challenges

Jihyo has faced challenges such as the pressure of training from a young age and the intense scrutiny of being in the public eye. Her solo debut was a significant step in her career, showcasing her songwriting and vocal talents7.

Social Media Activity Jihyo is active on social media, where she connects with fans and shares moments from her personal and professional life.

Family Jihyo comes from a supportive family, including her mother Cho Mija, father, and two younger sisters, Seoyeon and Jiyoung.

Social Life While Jihyo maintains a busy schedule with TWICE, she also enjoys a vibrant social life, often highlighted by her interactions with fellow artists and celebrities.


Details about Jihyo’s parents are not widely publicized to respect their privacy.

Relationship Status

As of the latest reports, Jihyo is rumored to be in a relationship with Yun Sung-bin. However, both parties have not publicly confirmed the rumors.


Jihyo’s journey from a trainee to a celebrated K-pop idol is a testament to her talent and hard work. Despite the challenges and pressures of fame, she continues to inspire fans with her dedication to her craft and her vibrant personality.

In the world of K-pop, where the personal often intertwines with the professional, the truth behind such rumors can be elusive. While the agencies’ responses leave room for interpretation, the support for Jihyo remains unwavering among ONCEs, TWICE’s dedicated fanbase.

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