JD Harmeyer Divorce: The End of a Celebrity Marriage

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JD Harmeyer, the media producer and radio personality best known for his work on The Howard Stern Show, has confirmed his divorce from his wife of five years, Jennifer Tanko, a makeup artist and blogger.

The couple, who had been dating since 2014 and married in 2018, had been facing challenges in their relationship, although the exact reasons for their divorce remain private. In this article, we will explore the background, education, lifestyle, and divorce of JD Harmeyer, one of the most popular and quirky characters in the radio entertainment industry.


JD Harmeyer, whose full name is Jamie Daniel Harmeyer, was born on December 29, 1979, in Fairborn, Ohio. He grew up with his younger brother, Jason Harmeyer, and developed an interest in cinema and filmmaking from a young age.

He moved to Lakeland, Florida, at the age of 12, and participated in the theatre group during his high school days. He has been a fan of The Howard Stern Show since he was 15, and dreamed of working with his idol one day.


JD Harmeyer pursued his passion for film and video production by attending Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, where he graduated with a degree in 2003. He then moved to New York City, where he landed an internship at MTV’s show Who’s Got Game? He also appeared as Bo Cocky in the 2006 film Supertwink, produced by Howard Stern.


JD Harmeyer joined The Howard Stern Show in 2003 as an intern, and quickly rose to the position of media producer. He is responsible for recording television shows, pulling clips from the internet, and editing together highlights from recent movies and TV.

He is also a frequent on-air contributor, known for his unique laugh, peculiar interests, and honest opinions. He has earned the nickname “Mushmouth” for his mumbled speech and poor communication skills. He is also a fan of fast food, video games, and horror movies.

JD Harmeyer met his future wife, Jennifer Tanko, in 2014, through a mutual friend who set them up on a blind date. They hit it off and revealed their relationship on The Howard Stern Show in February 2017.

JD proposed to Jennifer on Valentine’s Day of 2018, and they got married in a private ceremony in Las Vegas in August 2018. The wedding was attended by only 10 guests, as JD preferred to keep his personal life away from the spotlight as much as possible.


JD Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko seemed to have a happy marriage for the first few years, as they spent quality time together and went on vacations. However, their marital bliss did not last long, as they faced challenges in their relationship.

One of the possible factors that contributed to their divorce was JD’s relocation to Los Angeles for the continuation of The Howard Stern Show during the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple had to live apart for several months, which may have strained their bond.

Another possible factor that caused their divorce was their differing worldviews and personalities. Jennifer is a social media influencer, blogger, and makeup artist, who has a substantial following on her Instagram account, where she shares her beauty tips, fashion recommendations, and support for LGBTQ rights and marriage equality.

She is also a CrossFit athlete and gym enthusiast, who maintains her physical and mental health. JD, on the other hand, is a more private and introverted person, who does not like to show off his body or post photos on social media. He is also a fan of junk food and video games, which may not align with Jennifer’s lifestyle.

JD Harmeyer announced his divorce from Jennifer Tanko on The Wrap-Up Show in March 2023. He revealed that they had been separated for several months and had filed for divorce in January 2023. He stated that the reason for their divorce was irreconcilable differences, and that they still cared for each other, but were no longer compatible. He also said that he was sad and depressed about the situation, and that he hoped to find love again someday.


JD Harmeyer is a legendary media producer and radio personality, who has been a part of The Howard Stern Show for almost two decades. He has also been married to Jennifer Tanko, a makeup artist and blogger, for five years, but their relationship ended in divorce due to various challenges and differences. JD Harmeyer remains an icon and a role model for many fans and listeners, who admire his humor, honesty, and charisma.

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