Is Maya Jama Pregnant? The Truth About the TV Presenter Family Life

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Maya Jama, the TV presenter and radio DJ, has been in the spotlight for her work on various shows, such as The Circle, Celebrity Juice, and Glow Up. She has also been in the headlines for her personal life, especially her relationship with rapper Stormzy, whom she dated for four years before splitting in 2019. But is she pregnant with her first child? Here is the truth about Maya Jama’s family life.

Maya Jama and Stormzy: The Breakup and the Reunion

Maya Jama and Stormzy met in 2015, after being introduced by a mutual friend. They started dating and soon became one of the most popular and successful couples in the UK. Maya supported Stormzy’s music career, while Stormzy praised Maya’s achievements as a TV presenter. They also shared a home in London and a dog named Enzo.

However, their relationship was not always smooth, as they faced challenges and pressures from the media and the public. They also had different schedules and priorities, as Maya was busy with her TV and radio projects, while Stormzy was focused on his music and tours. They decided to end their relationship in 2019, citing that they had “grown apart” and that they wanted to focus on their careers.

In 2020, Stormzy released a song called “Lessons”, in which he expressed his regret and remorse for his mistakes in the relationship. He also said that he still loved Maya and that he hoped to get back with her someday. Maya did not respond to the song publicly, but she said that she was happy and single, and that she was not looking for a new relationship.

In 2023, Maya and Stormzy surprised their fans by reuniting and confirming their relationship. They were seen holding hands and kissing in Greece, where they went on a romantic holiday. They also attended a charity gala in New York, where they posed together on the red carpet. They said that they had reconciled after spending time apart and realizing that they still had feelings for each other. They also said that they had matured and learned from their past, and that they were ready to give their relationship another chance.

Maya Jama and Stormzy: A Baby on the Way?

In February 2024, Maya and Stormzy sparked pregnancy rumors after they posted a photo of them holding an ultrasound scan of their baby on their Instagram accounts. They said that they were expecting their first child, and that they were overjoyed and grateful for their blessing. They also said that they could not wait to meet their little one, and that they loved their baby so much.

The photo showed that Maya was 12 weeks pregnant, and that the baby was due in August 2024. The couple did not reveal the gender or the name of the baby, but they said that they would share more details when they were ready. Their friends and fans congratulated them and wished them well on their comments section.

Maya and Stormzy also shared a video of their ultrasound scan, where they heard their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. They said that it was the most precious and emotional moment of their lives, and that they cried tears of joy. They also said that they felt a strong bond with their baby, and that they were looking forward to becoming parents.


Maya Jama is pregnant with her first child, and she and Stormzy are over the moon with happiness. They have been dating for eight years, and have had ups and downs in their relationship. They broke up in 2019, but reunited in 2023, after realizing that they still loved each other. They are also successful in their respective careers, as Maya is a TV presenter and radio DJ, and Stormzy is a rapper and musician. Maya Jama’s family life shows that she is a woman of beauty, talent, and joy.

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