Is Kylie Kelce Pregnant? How the Eagles Wife Is Balancing Motherhood and Football

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Kylie Kelce, the wife of Eagles center Jason Kelce, is expecting her third child with him, joining their daughters Elliotte, 23 months, and Wyatt, 3. The family announced their pregnancy in a September 2022 Instagram post, with Elliotte and Wyatt wearing “Big Sister” T-shirts at Weaver’s Orchard in Morgantown, Pennsylvania.

Kylie Kelce Brings Two OBs to the Super Bowl

But Kylie Kelce is not only a proud mom-to-be, she is also a supportive wife and a fierce fan. She will be cheering on Jason Kelce and the Philadelphia Eagles as they take on brother-in-law Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 12, 2023. And as she told People, she will have both of her OBs at the Super Bowl at State Farm Stadium in Arizona.

“I will have two with me,” Kylie explains to People. “They’re both my OBs on a regular basis, but I didn’t necessarily want one to be by themselves. All hands on deck.”

Kylie Kelce says she started talking with her doctors about this possibility in the fall, during the team’s eight-game winning streak. She says it will be “all hands on deck” as not one, but both of her OBs are by her side.

Kylie Kelce Features in a Full-Page Ad Wishing Her Luck Ahead of Super Bowl

Kylie Kelce is also being honored for her big contribution to the big game. Frida, a brand that celebrates women’s empowerment and creativity, decided to sponsor Kylie as their “Most Valuable Pusher” ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. The ad features a full-page photo of Kylie during Elliotte’s birth and praises her for being “the epitome of ‘ignorance is bliss’”.

Frida says that while Kylie’s husband and team sweat over 18 weeks of work, she’s on week 38. Instead of water breaks, her water could actually break. There’s no practice round. And it’s messy. It’s literally blood, sweat and tears. You wanna talk MVPs? Where’s the award for Most Valuable Pusher? Her plus-one this Sunday will be her OB-GYN because her Big Game could start right there at the Big Game.

Who Is Kylie Kelce? The Wife of Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce

Kylie Kelce (née McDevitt) is a proud mom of three, a former field hockey player, and a supportive wife and philanthropist. She is also a Philly girl who grew up in Narberth, a suburb of Philadelphia, and attended Cabrini University in Wayne, Pennsylvania, where she majored in communications. Here are some more facts about Kylie Kelce and her life:

How She Met Her Husband

Kylie and Jason met on Tinder in 2015. Kylie said that she didn’t initially know that the person she matched with was an athlete. “None of his pictures showed Eagles football,” she said in a documentary by Amazon Prime Video. They got married in April 2018 in Philadelphia.

How She Supports Her Husband and His Team

Kylie is a loyal fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, even though Jason is from Ohio. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania and has a lot of family and friends in the area. She also supports her husband’s foundation, (Be)Philly, a non-profit dedicated to Philadelphia’s youth. She helps raise money for the Eagles Autism Foundation, hosting an annual event at Ocean Drive in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, as well as donating their own money.

How She Pursues Her Passion for Field Hockey

Kylie played field hockey at Lower Marion High School, where she was even head coach, and then in college. According to her Cabrini Athletics page, she was named to the All-CSAC First Team and ECAC South All-Stars First Team. Since graduating, she’s kept up with the sport and has said joining Cabrini Field Hockey team was “one of the best decisions I’ve ever made”.


Kylie Kelce is a talented singer and a loving mom to three adorable girls, but it seems that she is also ready to face any challenge that comes her way. She has been enjoying her career and her family life, and has expressed how grateful she is for both. We wish her all the best as she continues to pursue her dreams and passions. 🌟

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