Is Aaron Jones Married: Marital Status Unveiled

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Aaron Jones, the dynamic running back known for his impressive plays on the football field, has also been a subject of interest off the field, particularly regarding his personal life.

The Relationship Timeline

Aaron Jones has been in a long-term relationship with Crystal Molina. The couple’s journey together has been well-documented through various social media posts and public appearances. In early 2020, they announced an exciting addition to their lives, expecting their first child.

Social Media Debates

Jones’ personal life took a humorous turn when a photo of him gaming in the hospital while Molina was preparing to give birth sparked social media debates. While some found it disrespectful, Jones clarified that Molina had encouraged him to bring the game to pass the time.

Marital Confusion

Despite the long-standing relationship, there has been some confusion regarding Jones’ marital status. Some sources have reported that Jones and Molina tied the knot on July 25, 2018. However, more recent reports suggest that the NFL star is not married or engaged but remains in a committed relationship with Molina.


In conclusion, while Aaron Jones may not be officially married, his commitment to his partner and their child speaks volumes about their bond. The couple’s relationship continues to be a topic of interest for fans, who often express their support and curiosity about their favorite athlete’s life beyond the gridiron. As with many public figures, the line between public and private life blurs, but at the end of the day, it’s the personal decisions and happiness of the individuals involved that truly matter.

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