How long has Christian Wilkins been in the NFL: A Rising Star in the NFL

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Christian Wilkins has made a significant impact in the National Football League (NFL) since his entry. His journey from a promising college athlete to a professional player has been marked by dedication, skill, and noteworthy achievements.

Early Years and College

Born on December 20, 1995, Wilkins’ athletic prowess was evident early on. He attended Framingham High School before transferring to Suffield Academy. His high school career was impressive, with 253 tackles and 28.5 sacks. A five-star recruit, Wilkins committed to Clemson University, where his performance only improved.

Clemson Triumphs

At Clemson, Wilkins quickly became a key player. He was part of the team that won the College Football Playoff National Championship twice, in 2016 and 2018. His college stats are a testament to his skill, with a total of 192 tackles, 16 sacks, and a few touchdowns to his name.

Stepping into the NFL

Wilkins was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Since then, he has been a formidable presence on the field. As of the end of the 2023 season, Wilkins has accumulated 355 total tackles, 20.5 sacks, and has consistently demonstrated his ability as a defensive tackle.


In just over four years, Christian Wilkins has established himself as a reliable and talented player in the NFL. His career is still in its early stages, but he has already shown that he has the potential to be one of the greats. As he continues to grow and improve, fans and analysts alike will be watching with great interest to see just how far his talent will take him.

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