Denise Richards Relationships: A Timeline of Love and Drama

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Denise Richards, the former Bond girl and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, has had a colorful love life over the years. She has been married twice, dated several famous men, and was involved in a scandalous rumor with her co-star Brandi Glanville. Here is a timeline of Denise Richards’ relationships, from her high school sweetheart to her current husband.

John Stamos: The On-and-Off Romance

Denise Richards met John Stamos, the actor best known for playing Uncle Jesse on Full House, when they were both students at Chamberlain High School in Tampa, Florida. They started dating in 1988 and had an on-and-off relationship for almost two decades.

Richards admitted that they had gotten very intimate on The Howard Stern Show in 2009, but said that they never made it official because Stamos did not want a relationship with someone who had kids. Stamos confirmed this on the same show in 2014, saying that he still liked Richards but that dating women with kids was tough.

The two remained friends and even appeared on Stamos’ talk show Losing It with John Stamos in 2013, where they reminisced about their past.

Charlie Sheen: The Turbulent Marriage

Denise Richards married Charlie Sheen, the controversial actor and former star of Two and a Half Men, in 2002, after dating for less than a year2. They had two daughters together: Sam, born in 2004, and Lola, born in 2005.

Their marriage was rocky from the start, as Sheen struggled with substance abuse, legal issues, and infidelity2. Richards filed for divorce in 2005, while she was pregnant with Lola, and accused Sheen of being abusive, violent, and threatening.

The divorce was finalized in 2006, but the drama continued for years, as they fought over custody, alimony, and child support. Richards also revealed that Sheen had cheated on her with numerous women, including singer Marie Osmond and actress Victoria Principal, in her book The Real Girl Next Door.

Despite their bitter history, Richards and Sheen have tried to co-parent their daughters and have occasionally shown support for each other. Richards even adopted a third daughter, Eloise, in 2011, and named Sheen as her godfather.

Richie Sambora: The Controversial Relationship

Denise Richards started dating Richie Sambora, the guitarist of the rock band Bon Jovi, in 2006, shortly after her split from Sheen3. However, their relationship caused a lot of controversy, as Sambora was the ex-husband of Richards’ friend and fellow actress Heather Locklear.

Richards denied that she had betrayed Locklear, saying that they were not close friends and that she had waited until Sambora and Locklear were separated before dating him. She also said that she and Sambora had a lot in common and that he was supportive of her during her divorce.

Richards and Sambora had an on-and-off relationship for six years, breaking up and reconciling several times. They finally ended things for good in 2012, but remained on good terms.

Brandi Glanville: The Alleged Affair

Denise Richards became the center of a scandal in 2020, when her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Brandi Glanville claimed that they had a secret affair in 2019. Glanville said that Richards had seduced her and that they had slept together several times, even though Richards was married to Aaron Phypers at the time.

Glanville also said that Richards had told her that she and Phypers had an open marriage, but that turned out to be a lie. She said that Richards had asked her to keep their affair a secret and that she felt used and betrayed by her.

Richards vehemently denied Glanville’s allegations, saying that they were never more than friends and that she was faithful to her husband. She also accused Glanville of lying and trying to ruin her reputation.

The rumor caused a lot of drama and tension among the cast of the show, and Richards decided to leave the show after two seasons.

Aaron Phypers: The Happy Ending

Denise Richards found love again with Aaron Phypers, an actor and holistic healer, in 2018. They got engaged in January 2018 and got married in September 2018, in a surprise ceremony that was filmed for the show.

Phypers was previously married to actress Nicollette Sheridan, but they divorced in 2018 after six months of marriage. Richards said that she and Phypers had an instant connection and that he was supportive of her and her daughters.

Richards and Phypers have been happily married for three years, and have shown their affection for each other on social media and on the show. They have also faced some challenges, such as dealing with Sheen’s lawsuits and Glanville’s accusations, but they have stood by each other through it all.


Denise Richards has had a fascinating love life, full of highs and lows, joys and sorrows, and love and drama. She has been married twice, dated several famous men, and was involved in a scandalous rumor with her co-star. She has also been a devoted mother to her three daughters, and a successful actress and reality star. Denise Richards’ relationships show that love is not always easy, but it can be rewarding.

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