Written by Fatmata B. Sheriff   
Monday, 01 February 2016 19:45

A member of parliament who is also a paramount chief, Hon Bai Kurr Kanagbaro Kasanka III, in his contribution in the ongoing debate of President Koroma’s national address in Parliament, condemned the resurgence of ebola in his native Tonkolili, northern Sierra Leone.

Hon Bai Kurr said the resurgence of ebola is actually an unfortunate situation, something that should be further investigated – to the applause of many in the House.

Hon Bai Kurr also thanked President Koroma for his leadership skills and for being an exemplary president, who has a lot of achievements under his belt.

Several other speakers during the debate also made meaningful contributions, including Hon Frank Kposowa, who praised the stability of the economy during the ebola resurgence, including the resilience and exceptional commitment of medical personnel and the army.

“I have a special appeal regarding the tourism industry,” Hon Kposowa said. “It was a booming sector. I am appealing to the government to help boost the sector once again as it is a critical part of the agenda for prosperity.”

Two final speakers during yesterday’s debate were Hon Veronica K. Sesay, who praised the government for the road construction going on in her Shenge constituency in Moyamba, and Hon Ibrahim Ben Kargbo regarding the resilience of President Koroma and fellow Sierra Leoneans during the fight against ebola.