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“We Have to Remain Focused” - President Koroma PDF Print E-mail
Written by State House news   
Friday, 30 January 2015 12:12

President Ernest Bai Koroma Thursday 29 January called on all Sierra Leoneans and development partners to remain focused in the fight against the waning Ebola virus disease. The president made this call while receiving Oxfam’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mark Goldring at State House, Freetown.

Whilst commending Oxfam for galvanizing the international community to pay keen attention to Sierra Leone, President Koroma underscored the significance of remaining focused and vigilant even as the country continues to experience a downtrend of the virus, adding that this is not the time to remain complacent. “We have to remain focused until we get through the 42 Days set by the World Health Organization,” he said.

As the number of new infections continues to dwindle, the president emphasized it will be judicious to use this transition period to kick start other social services, including the reopening of schools. He underscored the need for a lot of preparatory work, and noted that medical institutions require training and rehabilitation in order to encourage people to report to the nearest Peripheral Health Unit (PHU).

In as much as government was preoccupied with the reopening of schools, the president maintained that schools across the country must be safe, ensuring water and sanitation facilities as well as training teachers before resumption of their activities. He added that government is putting together a post-Ebola recovery plan and will enhance an effective partnership with its development partners in addressing the challenges and moving forward.

Oxfam’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Goldring on behalf of Oxfam expressed appreciation for the leadership of President Koroma in the fight against Ebola. He maintained that the world was slow in responding to the outbreak and informed the president of the issued press release by the organization to pay attention to Sierra Leone with specific attention to immediate recovery and long term development. Mr. Goldring registered their commitment to work in a more proactive way alongside the Ministry of Water Resources. He also mentioned the organization’s support to the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project in the country.

The Deputy Minister of Water Resources Alhaji Foday Bayoh said Oxfam is one of the reliable partners in the WASH project.



2016 Global Peace Conference to be held in Freetown---as IPRA 50th Birthday confab ends in Istanbul


The 26th biennal conference of the Internatonal Peace Research Association (IPRA) is billed to take place in  Freetown, Sierra Leone in November 2016, marking the second time Africa has hosted the conference since the founding of IPRA in 1964. This was announced following the re-election of  the two IPRA Secretaries-general, Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw (pictured) and Dr Nesrin Kenar, who co-ordinated the 25th  IPRA conference in Turkey,  at the organisation’s administrative meeting on August 14 during the 25th  IPRA  conference in Istanbul  to serve a second term of two years.


Business News

Landowners In Sella Limba Pays Courtesy Visit To NMA

Following recent misunderstanding among landowners in Sella Limba Chiefdom, Bombali District, Northern Sierra Leone, family heads have visited the leadership of the National Minerals Agency (NMA) to commend and update them on their peace initiative for peaceful co-existence in their communities.

The delegation for the Samura, Bangura, Dumbuya and Conteh families was led by the Chief of Kathanta who is also the Chairman of the Landowners-Pa Bunduka Conteh.

Giving an overview of the symbolic peace initiative, the Chairman of the Landowners said the fundamental reason for their visit was to thank NMA leadership under the stewardship of Sahr Wondeh and his Deputy Mr. Mathieu Tarawallie for their untiring roles to ensure that the Mines and Minerals Act of 2009 is fully adhered to by all and sundry. He said it was a daunting challenge especially when many who engaged in artisanal mining are illiterates and because they were landowners they thought their action was permissible by law.


Media News

PROMOTING ACCESS TO INFORMATION… Dr. Tarawally Donates To Bintumani Radio

As a prompt response to adequately bring the community station in Koinadugu District nearer to the people, Dr. Abu Bakar Tarawally has on behalf of his organization, the Sustainable Empowerment for the People of Koinadugu (STEP-K) donated 3 office filing cabinets, 3 office executive swivel chairs, 20 chairs for the news room and 10 tables to the Bintumani Radio station.

He said STEP-K knows the importance of information, noting that a radio station has the ability to reach across borders and become a source of reliable information where reliable news is scarce. According to him, when access to the internet is blocked and phone lines are cut, people can still search the airwaves for trustworthy sources.

He said the Bintumani radio has been very instrumental in educating and sensitizing the people of Koinadugu during the Ebola outbreak which hugely affected the District and the country in general.



The Deceptive face of Religion in Sierra Leone

Prior to the advent of our current two dominant religions in Sierra Leone, Islam and Christianity, the country’s, inhabitants rested their faith on the African Traditional Religion which is also monotheistic and embraces the omnipresence of God that gives the cause for worshipers to use intermediaries in glorifying the Almighty, God but which was misconstrued by the White man as idolatry because of lack of understanding of the Blackman’s concept of divinity.

Islam gained a foothold in the North of the country prior to the advent of Christianity in the 17th century and it became entrenched during the jihadist period in West Africa. Christianity first gained a foot hold in the West and South of the country and later made inroads into the North where it had been resisted for so long according to my research and investigation or Radar.

According to my Radar today,  Islam stands to be the most dominant religion in  the country winning over  80 % of the population but  in contemporary times it is slowly losing  members to the muscular  churches  characteristic with their singing and  dancing which became  popular through the advent of Nigerian pastors who introduced the concept of “miracles” that sounds so enticing to the  poverty stricken society.


View Point

Salone Soja Sorry

I was bemused when State House media handler Jarrah Kawusu-Konte posted on social media how fair this government was regarding the acquittal of 13 court-martialled soldiers who had been charged with mutiny.

  Jarrah, as usual, praised President Koroma for his benevolence, and how free of blood his hands were, unlike his predecessors. I duly asked him whether President Koroma would have pardoned them if these very soldiers had been found guilty. He answered yes the president would have pardoned them! I didn’t believe him one bit, and my doubts have just been proven right!

  The Chief of Defence Staff, it was reported, has stated that these very soldiers will not be compensated for being behind bars for over 2 years and they will likely face disciplinary actions.


News - Press Release


The former Head of State and 2012 Presidential Candidate of the SLPP, Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio has told listeners in Sierra Leone that we need to develop the country for ordinary people,

Speaking from London in a radio interview on Kiss 104 FM on Thursday 27th August 2015 regarding a range of issues Rtd. Brig. Juius Maada Bio thanked the people of Bo District and across Sierra Leone for the strong show of support even in his absence. A Confident Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio told listeners “I want to assure everybody that no one will stop us this time round”.

Asked about his message to Sierra Leoneans, Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio said that the country should be developed so that ordinary people will have access to education, good health facilities and the many opportunities in life. In a very passionate voice, he said “I want to lead a government which puts people at the centre so that by the time I leave government people will say we have moved on from where we were when I took over. I promise to offer a disciplined leadership and not just cosmetic changes which people do not see the benefit of change.”


Society -Local News

Embrace Ebola Survivors - President Koroma

As Sierra Leone moves towards a resilient zero for the next 42 days, President Ernest Bai Koroma on Friday 28th August called on the public to support and embrace Ebola survivors as they strive to return to normal life. He made this call during the unveiling ceremony of the anti-stigma campaign billboard (located at Pademba Road-Dwarzack junction in Freetown) to ensure Ebola survivors return and live in their communities without being discriminated against. 

The president emphasized that the anti-stigma campaign focuses on survivors believing they have given hope in the fight against the virus, and noted that the survival rate gave hope not only to the infected but also to the entire country.

President Koroma also said there are over 4,000 Ebola survivors across the country which represents the country's strength and resilience against the virus. He urged the general public to embrace, support and welcome survivors to their various communities, and also explained that government will ensure capacity building and support for all survivors in the implementation of post Ebola recovery programmes. "Government will continue to train you and provide you with free health care," he assured.



As the countdown to 42 days begins, children go back to school in Sierra Leone

Freetown, 31 August 2015 – After the summer break, children in Sierra Leone return to school today amidst an atmosphere of optimism as the country’s 42-day countdown to being declared free from Ebola transmission continues.

This time last year, schools stayed shut for the country’s 1.8 million school children because of the Ebola health emergency, only reopening in April.
But while the country hopes to see no more cases of Ebola, complacency must be avoided especially given the new cases seen by neighbouring Liberia during and after its own countdown to zero. Specific measures to keep Ebola out of schools were introduced with the resumption of schools in April and will continue.



The role of chiefs is very important in governance - President Koroma

President Ernest Bai Koroma on Friday 28th August said the role of chiefs in the overall governance of the state is very important. He made this statement on the occasion of the official crowning ceremony of four paramount chiefs in northern Sierra Leone held at the Makeni City Council Hall, Bombali District. 

The president stated that traditional leaders are expected to play a pivotal role in the ongoing implementation of post Ebola recovery programmes. "The programmes we are rolling out are significant because if they succeed in chiefdoms, they will succeed in towns, districts and the entire country," he said. 

President Koroma used the occasion to urge paramount chiefs to utilize the Constitutional Review Process (CRC) as an opportunity to enhance and further consolidate the role of chiefs in the governance of the country. He lamented the fact that the customs and traditions of respective communities have come under heavy attack over the years, but however admonished that core values must be maintained.

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