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The APC Pathway To Victory PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alhaji Kamara and Tony Bee: APC Australia National Publicity 1&2   
Friday, 06 October 2017 20:00

As the ruling All Peoples Congress Party (APC) gear up for the Majestic Delegate Convention, its supporters and members appears to be in an electrifying political momentum. Thethrillingpolitical atmosphere is evident in the prospective presidential candidates street campaign rallies;extensive road trips and canvassing across the nationtopolitically seduce the people of Sierra Leone.

Despite the intensified enthusiasms amongst APC supporters, the presidential candidates have demonstrated an extraordinary regard for each other by refraining from a bombastic style of political campaign. Presently,it’sunclear who will become the high profile rising star that is destinedfor the ultimate challenge to lead the APC Party in the forthcoming general election.

Highlighting a single candidate tobe the most qualified and clearly suitable for a ruling party that wants to win back the State House is a complex challenge.In essence, it is crucial to evaluate the sixleading contenders that have thrown their hats in the ring.  But to the Almighty God, all things are possible. Therefore the APC needs God’s divine intervention in the process of electing or selecting the party flagbearer that will take the party to victory come March 2018. In view of that the APCers should not depend on their knowledge and wisdom in terms of selecting or electing the man or woman that will bring glory to the party.

VP Victor BockarieFoh: The present Vice President and former National Secretary General has always been a force in the politics of Sierra Leone. He played a fundamental role in the resurgence of the APC Party after the 1992 military upheaval. His loyalty to the party and political perseverance is indisputable. His hot-and-cold relationship with previous administrations has been shaped by a string of scandals that prejudiced the early chapters of the Foe era.Many people will argue that he’s not the character the All Peoples Congress Party is looking for at the moment. However, he's a real contender and banking on his deep political experience and long history of loyalty to the party. It will be a political miscalculation to underestimate the hard working Vice president.

The name ZainabHawaBangura: is a household both home and abroad because of her patriotism and hard work. She was appointed by the then United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as his Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict at the level of Under-Secretary-General.Mrs. Bangura replaced Margot Wallström.

Zainab H. Bangura is a Sierra Leonean politician and social activist. In 2007,Bangura became Sierra Leone's Foreign Minister of the APC government. She was the second woman to serve in that post, following Shirley Gbujama who held that position from 1996 to 1997. Mrs. Bangura also served as Sierra Leone's Minister of Health and sanitation from 2010 to 2012.

Mrs. Bangura has on-the-ground experience with peacekeeping operations from within the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), where she was responsible for the management of the largest civilian component of the Mission, including promoting capacity-building of government institutions and community reconciliation. 

She is an experienced results-driven civil society, human and women’s rights campaigner and democracy activist, notably as Executive Director of the National Accountability Groups, Chair and Co-founder of the Movement for Progress Party of Sierra Leone, as well as Coordinator and Co-founder of the Campaign for Good Governance. In view of such wealth of experience and skills, she is a good material for APC flagbearership, especially with women behind her, she will take the APC to State House in 2018.

John Bono Sesay:If the All Peoples Congress Party is looking for a progressive candidate with the ability to light up the nation with excitement, John Bono Sesay fits the bill. The former Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Rutile Ltd is the youngest contender, characterised as the forward-thinking candidate to lead the nation in accomplishing the Agenda for prosperity. He is rapidly growing in the race for the presidency. .Manyemphasises thathis industrial and youthful political experience, makes him the generational choice for the State House. He will definitely seek to galvanise the support of the youth in Sierra Leone.

Alimamy ‘Pepito’ Koroma.Commonly known as the phenomenal politician with the ability to overcomecountlesspolitical hurdles. The former Ambassador to China, Minister of Trade and works is certainly among the biggest political talents on this list. His ability to connect with votershas led to an instantaneous accumulation of a strong and diversepolitical fan base around the country. There is no one in this race with a broad-based experience and proving track record in infrastructural development and nation building process than Pepito’ Koroma. Mr. Koroma has the skills, experience and professional attributes of a real president.

Alpha Khan: Commonly known as “The Apprentice”, due to his inherent value of humility, loyalty and gratitude for President Koroma and the APC Party. After all, Holy Scripturesin the Bible and the Quran command all individualsto be humble right? Alpha Khan has demonstrated the act of being modest and submissive to President Koroma for over a decade. The former Public Affairs Minister, Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, Minister of Information and Communications, has been a strategic player for the ruling All Peoples Congress Party. His loyalty and strong support for President Koroma’s camp during the internal political upheaval amongst core APC members, makes him an ideal and reliable presidential candidate.

Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, the Attorney-General and Justice Minister of Sierra Leone is well-recognised for his principle leadership,systematic determination and the value for social justice. Throughout his service, JFK has clearly demonstrated his commitment to, support the rights of all people irrespective of gender, age, tribal ethnicity, religion, and disability or membership group. His effort to extend the eligibility and accessibility of legal services across all jurisdictions in Sierra Leone, illustrates his determination to promote a shared sense of justice and humanity.This attribute underpins the notion of an authentic presidential candidate.

Potential Running Mate

Any of the abovementioned presidential candidates can serve as a successful running mate. However, if any of theultimate six presidential contenders seeking a running mate with great leadership skills, political versatility andexperience, professionalism and cultural proficiency, Chernor Ramadan Maju Bahperfectlyfits the bill. Although according to my Radar, he has not yet openly expressed interest.He often referred to as Chericoco, the present Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Parliamentary Chairman of Mines and Minerals Resources Committee and a phenomenal Lawyer has a natural chemistry with voters across the country. Chericoco will be instrumental to galvanise support from diverse range of communities in Sierra Leone. These include:  The youth, young women, various religious groups and not to mentioned the Madingo and Fullah tribe. Honourable Bah is simply the sentimental favourite amongst prospective running mates. A source in his camp depicts him as a modest individual who believes in equitable distribution of resources and opportunity for all people.His experience and excellence record in representing Sierra Leone at regional and global platform makes him a principal running mate.

Diana FindaKonomanyaka Iron Lady:The current Minister of Lands, Country Planning and Environment, former Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, if only if rumours are something that one can go with. She was rumoured of having interest in the position of runningmate. If that is true sheis an outstanding fixture in the geopolitical landscape of Sierra Leone. Her strength of character and popularity in the Eastern Province further solidify her position as an ideal running mate. As Diana Konomany blossomed in the political arena, inspiring many people, young women and girls across the nation will look up to her as a catalyst for the country’s peace and unity.

The Pathway To Victory

Building on the political and economic accomplishment of President Koroma is the pathway to electoral victory for any candidate. Mr Koroma will go down in Sierra Leone history as a charismatic leader with splendid attributes. He has made a remarkable progress in resolving many complex challenges in the country. Transforming the nation from a failed state to a developing economy, expanding roads, infrastructural development and investment in educational institutions. The most appealing political achievement of the President is building social cohesion within the All Peoples Congress Party. He recognises the need for an inclusive government that values diversity, respect for religious and tribal backgrounds. His commitment to fairness, respect, and dignity offers many people a sense of belonging to the All Peoples Congress Party. Expanding President Koroma’shistoric achievements must be the central focus of any candidate leading the APC Party in the forthcoming general election.



26th IPRA Conference in Sierra Leone Ends on a High Note

The International Peace Research Association (IPRA) successfully held its 26th General Conference on ‘Agenda for Peace and Development: Conflict Prevention, Post-Conflict Transformation, and the Conflict, Disaster Risk and Sustainable Development Debate’ in collaboration with the 10TH Dealing With Disasters Series, Northumbria University (UK)and Sakarya University (Turkey) and  the University of  Sierra Leone at the Bintumani Conference Centre in Freetown, Sierra Leone from November 27 to 1st December 2016.


Business News


The Parliament of Sierra Leone on Monday 04th December 2017 debated and ratified two additional agreements aimed at improving and expanding Ports facilities in Sierra Leone to be at par with international best practices.

Presenting both Agreements prior to ratification, the Minister of Transport and Aviation, Balogun Koroma said that the additional Agreements are geared towards addressing some of the concerns raised by MPs, in respect of expanding our Ports facilities to accommodate larger vessels, and the issuance of license with the view of combating money laundering, contra-band goods, and attracting more funds for Government.

Hon. Dr. Bernadette Lahai, Minority Leader of the House, also supported the ratification of the two Agreements, saying if our Ports are not developed, we would not be able to attract huge vessels; thus the need for the continuous improvement of our Ports facilities.


Media News

"President Koroma is a big disappointment to press freedom" - SLAJ

Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, has said that President Ernest Bai Koroma has disappointed the media on press freedom in the country. 

“Successive governments have given us false hopes on the repeal of the criminal libel law. The politicians have lied to us. They have taken us to be big fools. President Koroma is our biggest disappointment. We had high hopes in him but he failed us woefully. So we will not trust any politician again, because when they get into office they forget about their promises,” said Nasralla.
Nasralla was speaking last Friday while formally launching a report on criminal defamation laws in Africa by PEN Sierra Leone at the SLAJ Harry Yansaneh Memorial Hall, Campbell Street, Freetown. 
He recalled that before he was first elected President of the Republic in 2007, President Koroma was a staunch campaigner against criminal libel law in Sierra Leone, but when he became President he suddenly had a different view.


Reasons why Sierra Leoneans Must Think beyond Tribal and Regional Lines Before Casting their Ballots This Time

As the national or general elections loom in Sierra Leone and, as a true citizen, I solemnly pray and hope with all hopes that Sierra Leoneans of the voting age will consider carefully who they would vote for, come March 2018. The divisive and immature nature of politics as it exists in Sierra Leone has, to a greater extent, contributed to the country lagging behind nearly all other countries in terms of progressive development. My readers should be mindful of the fact that certain countries in Africa would rather develop retrogressively than progressively, a situation wherein governments embark on ego-boosting programs that aren’t beneficial to the average citizen.

A government which expends its energy for the benefit of the people is a progressive government and that is what Sierra Leoneans want at this time after being in the doldrums for ages. It is therefore absolutely necessary for fellow citizens to refrain from casting their valued votes in favor of candidates because of tribal or regional affiliations but on how genuine and capable that candidate is, otherwise stagnation in progress is bound to follow.


View Point


Your Excellency Sir,

I write this piece with extreme emotive disdain, in reflection on the “Libyan/North African Modern Slave Trade” horrendous saga - enjoining it with the “Mediterranean Genocide.”  Let me commence by lending my voice to that of countless Africans, who have risen in gross condemnation of this barbaric and heinous “subhuman” trade and phenomenon across the deserts and seas. Those inhumane treatments have lately been also condemned by the UN system, the AU, the ECOWAS and the EU, (alongside several international human right actors); after these ruthless human trafficking syndicates and desperate refuge seeking adventures were graphically brought to the glare of the entire world by the international press.

It is extremely appalling and unimaginable that some of our fellow Africans and Arabs could morally degenerate to such an extent in the 20th and 21st centuries, as to treating their fellowmen in such gruesome, despicable and horrific manner, as inflicting terrible physical tortures, only comparable to that of the “Nazi concentration camps” in the 20th century, infamously referred to as “the holocaust.” Sadly though, this trade that has just been recently trumpeted, has been going on for over half a century right at the fringes of the so-called “civilized and free world,” and under the watchful eyes and impassivity of our continental and global organizations and actors. As such, I could rightfully refer to these dastardly trades as the “neo-colonial slave trade.” What absurdity and aberration!!   


News - Press Release

PPRC and UNDP Re-activate District Code Monitoring Committee

The Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) in league with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on Thursday 7th December 2017 re-activated the District Code Monitoring Committee (DCMC).

At a ceremony held at the Family Kingdom in Freetown, the programme brought together members from the fourteen registered political parties, the National Electoral Commission (NEC), the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), the Office of National Security (ONS), Traditional Leaders, the Media and Civil Society Organizations from the sixteen districts in Sierra Leone.

In his opening remarks, the Chairman of the Programme, Commissioner Babatunde Pratt says Sierra Leone has come a long way in building our democratic process. This he says has however not been an easy task as we are still faced with the horrors of our past. Regional divide, violence, political intolerance among others he says have marred our political space and if not nip on the bud will affect the growth and political stability of the country.


Society -Local News

Fatmata Binta Jalloh Annie Walsh Memorial Secondary School has won this years’ Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone Inter-Secondary School debate on the topic ‘respect for human rights as a pre-requisite for a politically tolerant and peaceful 2018 elections’.  
The debate which was held at the Sierra Leone Library Board with five Secondary Schools participating is part of series of activities undertaken by HRCSL in commemorating the International Human Rights Day Celebration on December 10th, 2017. Fatmata Binta Jalloh of the Annie Walsh Memorial School came first by defeating Amos Claudius Gordon from the Prince of Wales who came second, Abubakar Marrah from Saint Edwards Secondary School came third and Kelfala Kamara of the Government Model Secondary School came fourth and Evelyn T. Ahorney from the Saint Joseph’s Secondary School coming fifth.



On November 21,2017 the United States Department for Agriculture (USDA), through Catholic Relief Services (CRS), commissioned 151 school structures to support the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST)in promotingquality learning environments within five vulnerable chiefdoms of Koinadugu District, northern Sierra Leone.

The commissioning ceremony was attended by the Honorable Minister of Education, Dr. Minkailu Bah,other senior MEST officials, and 6 Paramount Chiefs and Regents from the “All Pikin for Learn” intervention area.

The program ‘All Pikin for Learn,’funded by USDA’s McGovern-Dole (MGD) International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program since 2008, is a food assistance and education program that seeks to improve the enrollment, attendance and literacy,along with health and dietary practices, of primary school-aged children.



President Koroma outlines his government achievements in closing address to Parliament

President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Supreme Head of State and Grand Commander of the Order of the Republic, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Fountain Head of Unity, Honour, Freedom and Justice at Parliament Building, Tower Hill, Freetown

on Thursday, 7th December, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. On the Occasion of the Dissolution of the Fourth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone in the Chamber of Parliament Building, Tower Hill, Freetown

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