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Digital Learning worlds and Boundless Communication

The Internet has long since become an essential part of everyday life for students, researchers and academics, who after all were among the first to take advantage of the opportunities the technology offers for boundless communication.  These days it is almost impossible to imagine life without the Internet, and hardly any area of society remains unaffected by the global network; teaching (virtual teaching) and research are also changing thanks to the opportunities of virtual communication.  In the main feature of this article, I will be taking a look at the new digital learning worlds: a great deal is happening in all higher education, and people are engaged in a lively discussion about the consequences of educational offerings that are available anytime and anywhere, and about the new opportunities offered by the Internet when it comes to academic exchange and the democratization of knowledge.


Business News

Finance ministry holds seminar for local councils

Bo, July 15 (SLENA) - The Public Financial Management Reform Unit (PFMRU) in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) has started a two day seminar on the quality and timeliness of in- year report for devolved sector heads and finance officers of Local Councils at the J&E Resort in Bo.

According to Report in 2012, PFMRU in collaboration with key stakeholders including Audit Service Sierra Leone introduced the International Public Sector Accounting Standard (IPSAS), a cash basis reporting to all councils for the production of financial statement.


Media News

TRIBUTE: Haja Khadija Savage: The passing of a colleague journalist

Today, I am writing a tribute with tears in my eyes and a great sadness in my heart for a dedicated, humble and great journalist who has great respect for elders and colleagues in the field of journalism and Islam in particular.

Her passing is a great lose to the journalism profession in Sierra Leone and to her Islamic brothers and sisters who have had the fortunate opportunity of sharing this great woman’s knowledge and time.

Haja Khadija Savage has left this world for eternity, however, I believe her soul is still with us, and for me, memory of her still lingers in my mind.

In her life, Khadija, as she was known by her numerous comrades, admirers and friends lived a life of piety, wisdom and knowledge. She was a great respecter of people, including the young and old.



The Fight against Corruption Should be the Business of all Sierra Leoneans

The fight against corruption the world over has never been an easy task; it has always been a challenging one especially in Africa where many governments continue to frown on the concept of transparency and accountability which enable the citizenries to hold their authorities accountable for their actions.

And when governments deliberately refuse to open up their day-to-day activities to their citizenries, there is the likelihood that such governments would involve in corrupt practices and their citizenries could not hold them accountable since their authorities are running closed governments.


View Point

Many Sierra Leoneans have gone to school to study impressive professions but they seem to be ignorant about NATIONAL SECURITY  NATIONAL STABILITY, AND THE CONSEQUENCES  OF A PRESIDENT OF A FRAGILE COUNTRY SUDDENLY MEETING UNEXPECTED  HARM. Some people do not also care for the safety of the President, as a human being.  For some educated people to suggest that President Ernest Koroma should go to the Ebola-infested regions,   to prove  that his Government takes the Ebola fight seriously,  is naive, reckless and depraved .
President-Koroma-at-the-EU-Africa-Summit-photo (1)

News - Press Release

Pharmacists Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Owners sensitized on Ebola

Freetown, July 24, 014 (MOHS) - The Director of Drugs and Medical Supplies and Chairman, Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone, Mr. Bassie Turay has described the Ebola outbreak as another war that calls for the concerted efforts of all patriotic Sierra Leoneans.

Addressing a sensitization meeting of Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Proprietors of Pharmacies organized by the Ministry of Health Directorate of Drugs and Medical Supplies in collaboration with the Pharmacy Board and the Pharmaceutical Society of Sierra Leone at the Y.W.C.A. hall in Freetown, Mr. Bassie Turay called on all Sierra Leoneans including Pharmacists not to under-estimate the reality of the disease.


Society -Local News

Parliament slams contempt on Waterloo Rural district council

Waterloo, July 24 (SLENA) -In line with its constitutional mandate to oversee the activities of ministries, department and agencies (MDAs), the Transparency and Accountability Committee in Parliament on Tuesday this week probed the finances and operations of the Western Area Rural District Council in which various sector heads operating under the district council was on parliamentary contempt for failing to produce documents in time to the committee investigating in their devolved activities.

During the hearing at the Waterloo District Council hall, the parliamentary committee in its deliberation with council officials found out that even the Chief Administrator, TambaAlieu and the Finance Officer who have knowledge on parliament activities and operations were unable to submit full documents to the committee for an investigation.



Moyamba district council to account for Le191 million

Moyamba, July 16 (SLENA) - In a hearing carried out by the Parliamentary Committee on Transparency and Accountability which took place at the Moyamba District Council on compliance based on the Local Government Act of 2004 by probing the operation of councils in the country, the committee discovered that one hundred and ninety-one leones (Le191 million) was spent on the rehabilitations of 15 water wells in the district which the committee said was not commensurate to the maintenance cost of the said water wells.

The committee found out that the engineering department was unable to defend the amount for the first, second and third quarter of 2013 for the rehabilitation of the fifteen standard water wells for the Moyamba township and some villages in the district.




Parliament on Thursday 17th July 2014 overwhelmingly   approved the new Minister of Energy – Ambassador Henry Olufemi Macauley, his Deputy 2 – Alhaji Hassan Barrie and others to make tremendous and meaningful contributions to Sierra Leone.

Mr. Macauley was recently a High Commissioner to Nigeria with accreditations to the Republics of Angola, Benin, Cameroun, Congo, Equatorial Guinea and ECOWAS. He has a significant experience in corporate business development and International trade in the West African sub-region.

“I count myself lucky to have been given another opportunity after the ambassadorial position by President Koroma to serve my country in a different capacity” were the careful words of the new Minister.

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