P.C. Kondewullay Gbawuru Mansaray III Warns Against Bats

19. 01. 18
posted by: Ibrahim SorieKoroma, Health Education Officer – HED/MoHS

Paramount Chief, Kondewullay Gbawuru Mansaray the  III of Wara Wara Yagala Chiefdom, popularly known as Chief Paygayhas warned residents of  Koinadugu district against all forms of  bats as there has been a recent  discovery of Marburg Virus in Cave Dwelling Fruit-Eating Bat in the District.


P.C. Gbawuru Mansaray was speaking at a district stakeholders meeting held by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and partners  in Kabala Town, which was geared  to orientate stakeholders on the recent discovery of the Marburg Virus.

He called on all residents to stay away from bats, as they have been found to be carriers of the deadly Marburg Virus, adding that the only way they can protect themselves, families and the communities is to completely keep away from the bats.

He recalled the 2014-1016 Ebola Outbreak which claimed the lives of many people and prayed for such not to ever repeat itself in the country anymore.

He continued that the only way we can prevent Marburg or any other disease is to go by the advice of the Health of Ministry and Sanitation and its partners.

He further warned that people should be cautious of bush animals as it is now clear that majority of the diseases that affect humans come from bush/zoonotic   animals.

P.C. Mansaray also advised residents to avoid caves where bats live and that people should always wash fruits before eating, as the host (bats) of the Marburg Virus also feed on fruits, especially now that the mango season is fast approaching.

“Warn you children from hunting and playing in caves and eating of fruits that have either been bitten/eaten by fruit bats,” P.C. Kondewullay Gbawuru Mansaray warned.