19. 01. 10
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Campaign Against Cruelty to Animals in Sierra Leone  (CCA-SL) have  vaccinated 150 dogs within the Kaningo community in Freetown as their continued activities from the South, East and Northern regions.

The non governmental organization also engaged communities, visitsted oxen farmers, and distributed over 250 teaching and learning materials to five primary schools in Fadugu, koinadugu district.

Campaign against Cruelty to Animals in Sierra Leone was established by  a human rights defender Tom Sandi(nicknamed, Dog Father) and his colleague  animal lovers in May 2005 as an Indigenous Local Voluntary Organisation. 

Tom Sandi spoke to this press that  the aim of the organization is to eradicate all forms of human perpetrated cruelties/mistreatments (starvation, gruesome killings, stoning, ritual sacrifices for fortunes etc).

With the vaccination and feeding of the 150 dogs against rabies and  other diseases, 50 animals including sheep,  goats and cats benefited.  Rabies awareness raising campaigns/education and how to prevent dog bites was also part of the community sensitization to  responsible pet owners.

In the past, the Organization have been engaging on  free distribution of vet materials including pet feeding/drinking bowls,  bandages,  pesticides, grooming brushes to pet owners across the country.  

He continued that they also embark on  promoting human rights education/animal welfare education in  Primary schools and communities across the country,  and conducts outreach and sensitization campaign programs, as well as provide free feeding and health care services (rabies vaccination,  deworming,  treatment of wounds, pet  feeding/drinking bowls etc), for the care of dogs.

CCA-SL activities  over the years have been mainly focused in the South-East  and Northern regions of the country. Its secretariat in Bo also houses the Centre for Humane Education and Animal Welfare(CHEAW) with its motto: 'A Peaceful Sierra Leone Through Kindness to Animals" 

They have also targeted children on Saturdays teaching them about animal welfare and have established over 20 twenty animal kindness clubs  across the country so far.