President Bio And His Loyal Supporters

18. 10. 08
posted by: Alpha Turay

A widely publicized Circular Memorandum dated 17th September, 2018 on "Remunerations for Chairmen/Chairpersons for Boards of Parastatals and Commissions" and issued by the Secretary to the President, Dr. Julius F. Sandy has caused a serious rift in the ruling SLPP party.


It seeks to divide the party and destroy the relationship between the leadership of the party and the President.

 All the people appointed by the President to serve either as Chairmen or Chairpersons of Board of Parastatals and Commissions are loyal supporters of the President. Their loyalty to the party and the President has never been in doubt.

The Chairman of NATCOM, Dr. Prince Alex Harding is not only the ruling party's National Chairman/Leader he is an active backer of the President.

The Chairperson of the NRA Board, Madam Tuma Jabbi is a strong supporter of both President Julius Maada Bio and the SLPP.

Manso Dumbuya, Chairman of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority Board is not only a reliable supporter of President Bio and the SLPP he is the ruling party's Western Area Chairman.

Sorie Fofana, Chairman of the SALCAB Board is a consistent supporter of President Bio and the SLPP. His newspaper "Global Times" is the most reliable mouthpiece for both President Bio and the SLPP.

Sheikh Bawoh, Board Chairman of SLRSA is one of President Bio's reliable supporters. As editor of the Global Times, Mr. Bawoh has consistently supported President Bio and the SLPP. The list goes on and on.

President Bio should find a way to address this issue of "Remunerations for Chairmen/Chairpersons for Boards of Parastatals and Commissions". Since the establishment of NATCOM, there has never been an issue over the status of the Chairman/Commissioner. All previous Chairmen/Commissioners held the position of Executive Chairmen.

Since the establishment of SALCAB in 2010, all previous Chairmen (Francis Davies and Idrissa Yillah) held the position of Executive Chairmen. That has never been in controversy.

All previous Board Chairmen/Chairpersons of NATCOM, SALCAB, NRA, SLPA and SLRSA were entitled to transportation, monthly salaries, travel allowances and some of them even had rent allowances paid to them together with having well-furnished offices in their parastatals and/or commissions.

We want to encourage President Bio to ensure that his loyal supporters serving as Board Chairmen/Chairpersons are properly looked after, by maintaining their remuneration packages. That will be in the interest of party unity.

courtesy of Independent Observer newspaper