LAB kick start nationwide Accreditation of Legal Aid Organizations

The Executive Director of Democracy and Development Associates – Sierra Leone (DADA-SL), Mr. Foday Sesay received his Accreditation Certificate at a short ceremony at the head office of the Legal Aid Board in Freetown.

 DADA - SL make history by becoming the first legal aid organization to be accredited by the Board.

Presenting the certificate on behalf of the Board, Lawyer for the Board, Hadiru Daboh congratulated Mr. Sesay for meeting a key requirement in the Legal Aid Act 2012 which provides that all legal aid organizations shall be accredited to engage in the provision of legal aid.He assured him that the Board is ready to work with his organization in expanding access to justice.

Mr. Sesay expressed delight at being awarded the certificate. He noted that it will spur him to do a lot more. He added that the certificate will provide him easy access to justice sector institutions.

The Executive Director of the Legal Aid Board, Ms. Fatmata Claire Carlton-Hanciles stressed that the certification will formalize the relationship between the Board which is the state legal aid organization and non-state legal aid organizations. ‘This will ensure we collaborate and share resources a lot more,’ she said. ‘We will plough resources into capacity building and ensure we provide legal advice and representations to matters referred to the Board by Legal Aid Organizations without lawyers.’

The distribution of the certificates start today, October 10. The exercise will be completed the next week.

The accreditation of Legal Aid providers is a core function of the Sierra Leone Legal Aid Board.  The Board is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating accredited legal aid providers to ensure the quality of legal aid services provided meet minimum standards set by the Board.

on 10 October 2018