‘Being physically challenged does not exempt us from the scourge of bribery because its adverse effects do not discriminate’ says the Secretary General of Polio Persons with Disability (POPDA) Sulaiman Sixties Kamara in a sensitization meeting organized by the Northern Region Office of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). He furthered that, the fight against bribery will largely benefit them, since they suffer extensively from the damaging consequences of the scourge.

Speaking to members of POPDA at their Magbenteh camp site Makari Gbanti Chiefdom, Bombali District, ACC Regional Manager North Abu Bakarr Kamara said the turnout of members to listen to the Pay No Bribe campaign messages demonstrated their commitment to join forces with ACC in combating bribery. Manager Kamara noted that the lives of ordinary Sierra Leoneans will continue to be deplorable until bribery is collectively rejected. The Manager intimated members of POPDA that they are crucial in the campaign because their physical status do not preclude them from the damaging consequences  of bribery.

He dilated on the processes involved in handling PNB data reports and on some of the actions that have been taken by public sectors institutions as a direct response to public concerns. Manager Kamara noted that since the start of the campaign there has been steady and sustained progress made by both the ACC and its partners in addressing areas of concerns highlighted on the PNB monthly data report. The Manager catalogued a number of interventions each MDA has taken in delivering effective services to the public. He urged citizens to continue to speak against acts of bribery wherever they are. Manager Kamara shared Commissioner’s vision of fighting corruption during his recent visit to the regions noting that war has been declared on corruption that would be fought fiercely but fairly.

In his statement, ACC Public Education Officer Abdulai Saccoh defined 'bribe': noting that it takes place where there is a consensus between the giver and the taker.  Saccoh informed members of POPDA that PNB has now got a national spread as reports emanating from across the country are recorded and shared with sector heads to take appropriate actions. 

Saccoh drew the attention of the public to the number of bribery reported issues. The Public Education Officer noted that the damaging effects of bribery may be slow to notice, but it has devastating ramifications. He called for public support to the PNB campaign as service delivery is seriously undermined due to widespread bribery.  Saccoh registered the Commission's resolve to work with other MDAs for improvement in the quality of services rendered to the public.  

Giving an overview of PNB, ACC Public Education Officer Abdul K. Bangura disclosed that PNB is an anonymous reporting platform that provides Sierra Leoneans an opportunity to report incidents of bribery and small scale corruption. Bangura further stated that the PNB is not prosecution focused; rather, it seeks to invoke administrative actions or systems review and policy reforms in order to address bribery in the MDAs namely; education, health, water, energy the Sierra Leone Police and  the Judiciary. He informed his audience that citizens can report through the PNB free line 515 on all telephone networks, the website:, or on the mobile application in Krio, Mende and Temne.

The meeting was climaxed with the presentation of information, education and communication materials to POPDA Secretary General for dissemination.

on 31 August 2018