‘Bribery should not be entertained because it has led to preventable deaths and deprived communities and people from accessing quality and essential social services.  Citizens have been made to believe that basic social services can only be accessed when a bribe is paid' says Paramount Chief Alhaji Kandeh Paria Kawaleh II of Gbanti Chiefdom.

He made this statement on Friday 24th August 2018 in an outreach meeting held by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Northern Region Office to sensitize the people of Makomray community on the Pay No Bribe (PNB) campaign.

Speaking to inhabitants of Makomray at the Makomray Court Barray, Gbanti Chiefdom, Karene District on specific issues that might have been affecting people in rural communities, ACC Public Education Officer Abdulai Saccoh described the meeting as an open forum intended to improve citizens well being. Saccoh said ACC's visit to rural area is a deliberate attempt to empower the people with PNB messages.

He informed his audience that the PNB does not in any way, replace the conventional reporting system of the Commission; rather it reinforces its existing preventive strategies. Saccoh urged his audience to discern between acceptable values from vices that have the tendencies to undermine socio-economic development of the nation. He entreated them to embrace the PNB campaign and ensure that they resist, reject and report issues of bribery and petty corruption in their respective communities.

Giving an overview of the PNB, the Public Education Officer, Abdul K. Bangura described bribery as a social menace that has the tendency to destroy the economic gains of the country. Bangura referred to the campaign as a strategic approach to work in partnership with ministries, departments and agencies and civil society partners to prevent bribery in order to improve service delivery in public sector institutions.

The Public Education Officer highlighted some of the nature, forms and the untold suffering bribery has inflicted on the lives of the Sierra Leoneans. He explained the PNB reporting mechanism using the PNB 515 free phone line on all networks, the mobile application in Krio, Temne and Mende that can be downloaded on Google play and the website;

Questions and answers session formed the high point of the engagement.

Paramount Chiefdom Alhaji Kandeh Paria Kawaleh II of Gbanti Chiefdom


Cross section of the audience at the engagement              


on 31 August 2018